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Wishlist for the next Deus Ex

This is just, ya know, my opinion for what I hope Eidos Montreal does for the next Deus Ex game. I really enjoyed Human Revolution, and I can't wait for the next one already.


The devs already know about the boss battles, so I'm not gonna dwell on that.

More melee options. I really did not like how melee take-downs were done. They use a ton of energy, which is unexpected, and the animations take way too long to play. To me, this made playing stealth much more difficult than it should be. The original DX had some great melee options that you could upgrade, although some of it was over-powered by the end of the game (full low-tech + dragon sword = unstoppable cyber ninja).

I really enjoyed the jump/landing augs, so how about more stuff like that? Maybe an augmentation that lets me climb up walls, or at least hang off ledges Crysis-style? Put some Assassin's Creed in my Deus Ex! Stealth parkour...that sounds quite yummy.

Less emphasis on hacking. I'm drawing a blank on any constructive thoughts here...I just found the hacking mini-game - like most hacking mini-games - to be terribly dull and repetitive. "Ugggghhh not this crap again." The only hacking "game" I ever liked was the original Deus Ex. Yeah man, I would rather sit there and wait for a bar to fill up than do some silly mini-game. Or, give me more options, like the multi-tools, to avoid hacking altogether.

More enemy variety. No need to elaborate, I think.

More environment variety. The original Deus Ex had a ridiculous amount of variety in its environments. I understand it's a bit unfair to compare the two, since production values are so high these days, but it's something to thrive for. Office buildings and warehouses overstayed their welcome in Human Revolution.

Anyway, kudos to Eidos Montreal on a job well done and a bright future for a beloved franchise!
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