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Phoenix Events for October 2011


Things are cooling down in Phoenix, and that means people are more willing to go outside and meet up with each other! We've got three things going on this coming month. Live in Phoenix? Join our Google Group to get more details! Read on for some information for October events in Phoenix.

October 7th-9th
DEVASTATION gaming tournament event
Who: Any Destructoid Phoenix members interested
What: Gaming event, mainly focused on tournaments. Some old arcade cabinets and pinball machines will also be there set to free play. Admission is about $40 for the entire weekend, but entry to any tournaments is free with admission.
When: Friday, October 7th until Sunday, October 9th
Where: Phoenix Convention Center
125 North 3rd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

October 8th
NARP at Maeloch's house
Who: Any Dtoiders are welcome, but know that there will be non-Dtoiders as well
What: Maeloch has an impressive game collection, including an entire room for Kinect, in addition to his main gaming room. Weather permitting, outdoor games will be available, and Dexter will probably bring some board games too. Bring your own booze.
When: Saturday, October 8th, starting at 6 PM.
Where: Maeloch's house! Join the Google Group for more specific info.

October 22nd
Meetup at Howie's Game Shack
Who: Anybody interested in a huge LAN center with several rows of PCs and Xbox 360s.
What: This will be the second time Destructoid has descended on Howie's Game Shack, which is a large LAN center in Mesa. Their selection is limited to mostly the super popular stuff. A three-hour pass is $9, but a twenty-four-hour pass is only $12. They recently added tables, so Dexter will probably bring board games. Seriously, does that guy even play video games any more?
WhenSaturday, October 22nd, time TBA (join the Google Group for exact times, fo' real!)
Where: Howie's Game Shack
1033 North Dobson Road, #110
Mesa, AZ 85201

Come out and meet up with us! We'll soak up the overcast, and then go back into an air conditioned building because that's where the games are.
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