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Tuesday Trollings: The Continued RAPE of Honest Gamers (NSFW Language)

[In my expanded efforts to produce a blog every day, I'm forced to contend with my real-life schedule at times. Some days, I simply don't have time to write something formal. But this is Tuesday Trollings: A segment where I just write down my thoughts in their most pure and opinionated form as quickly as possible. These will probably not be reasonable, logical, or attempt to be backed up by any facts or evidence. I'm just going to rant my little heart out. These are not meant to be taken seriously, and are more for entertainment than anything else. Thank you!]

Dtoid...I had a bad day today. I entered it in a bad mood, and I write to you now in a deep-loathing hatred of most of mankind. But I'm not here to tell you how shitty people are...OH WAIT...Yes I am! I'm here to tell you just how fucking shitty the ones who are in charge of our industry are!

And it all comes to a crashing, burning, unholy end. I'm so god damn sick of it all. We are literally getting ASS-RAPED as consumers...And hardly anyone seems to be giving a fuck. We don't own the games we buy, but somehow that's okay. We can't sue a company if we use their service, but this doesn't send up red flags. If we buy a game that someone else purchased, we probably aren't getting the full product...And this is all perfectly fine with many people out there. There are some people that get angry over this...But we should ALL be angry over this.

Because if you aren't willing to stand up for your rights when it comes to something as trivial as video games...When the fuck WILL you?

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