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PC Review: Deus Ex - Human Revolution

Deus Ex series is loved by many, the first game was revolutionary and it was ahead of its time. Three years later a sequel was released and now in 2011, Deus Ex – Human Revolution is out as a prequel for the first game.

The year is 2027 and the world is changing com the invention of artificial prostheses (named augmentations) were the user, with money, can improve his body to the next level . Can give super strength, augmentations on the leg can give more resistance to run and cerebral prostheses gives a better perception. This was so good that normal people were taking of their limbs to improve the lifestyle.

People do a lot of complaints with the boss fights, because the game makes you do stealth but the boss fights pushes to fight head to head, I for one didn’t found anything bad about it and I think it was really challenging and fun to win a boss, just the way that should be a boss fight. And makes the storytelling better and Deus Ex – Human Revolution is all about the storytelling.

Deus Ex is a story driven game, it has a lot of dialogs and text scattered around the world to discover and understands the world around it. You can go to the main story and get some eight to ten hours, or you can go and see everything in this futuristic Detroit exploring and get the best of it. But one thing that I found really aggravating, and that is the voice work. The main characters are done in a perfect way. Adam and the key characters are done well, but the secondary characters at the side missions are really poorly voiced, with over the top reactions (and a little racist,” weeeeeeelll shiiiiiiieeeeet”), and dumb voices.

Nixxes did a good job with the PC version. With high end graphics and responsive controls, they aren’t L.A. Noire kind of graphics but it isn’t Duke Nukem Forever type of graphics. It’s a high quality game with a big style on the futuristic look, with people wearing slick clothes with a clean style.
In the end Deus Ex - Human Revolution is big sequel and it is perfect for the series to come back, and won’t let any fans down. Lacks the multiplayer, but it isn’t the problem and actually its good that is a single player only. With a good length of the game it’s definitely a buy for everyone that loves series and perfect for first starts on the franchise

A overall score of 9.0
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