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Rubbish News (with Crappy Pictures) The 3rd

Hey what do you know it's that time of the week again where I, the rejected son of platypus makes another attempt at writing a coherent bit of English and failing like Britney Spears at life. I actually managed to come up with more than three flaccid idea's to torture you all with. Let the stupidity begin.

Leading to the release Bats**t crazy man does Dallas (otherwise known as Batman: Arkham City), Rocksteady Studios has been releasing tidbits of info. And the past week a new villain was announced, Deadshot. a red spandex wearing, old age pensioner. Should make for a good ass-whooping session then.

Dark Souls (know in japan as HARD AS SHIT MOTHERF**KERS) was released this past week in Japan for people to use as motive for murder, also for entertainment. A few people managed to get a copy early though meaning decisive action from the developer, From Software. So what did they do? Drop the ban hammer on their candy asses? Get Sony to ban them on PSN? No, they sent in Dark Phantoms maxed out in all stats, into the users games. Thanks From Software, you jerks.

So anyone remember the game that was an FPS released about 6 months back? ... Me neither. It was called Homefront and made by KAOS studios (before the inebriated fart turds at THQ shut them down), well turns out the sequel is being developed by Crysis developer CRYTEK UK. With Cryengine 3. Due to be released around march 2014. I'm now wet.

The diablo 3 beta began this week with many a pc gamer wetting, pissing and all around being incestuous with each other over its release. From what I've seen, it looks like a cheap Torchlight rip-off. *Trollface.jpg*

Was Dead Space 3 accidentally announced this week? The f**k should i know. I'm just some lazy ass gamer writing about crap I have no grasp on. But apparently it might have been when an israeli news show went for a look-see around an EA building where they caught a glimpse of a "Dead Space 3" poster hanging around. so yeah, maybe not announced, but got IGN a couple of cheap hits (in the face preferably).

Well that's me done for this week. Again i apologize for any mental harm committed by you reading this, but you should really be playing outside. You never know, I might do another one next week. SO RUN DAMNIT! See ya'll next week.
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