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A Question and Answer from Carpe Fulgur's Andrew Dice


NISA has "serious plans" for Steam. Is Carpe Fulgur the trendsetter here?

I have quite a few reasons to suspect so, yes. We've been turning a *lot* of heads over the past year or so, and a lot of developers in Japan and import companies are keying in to the fact that there's an entire market segment being left unfurnished and that the potential for making money is... significant. Never mind that PC development and release has a number of attractive features for niche publishers that make the process easier and the profits per-unit greater than console releases. If anything, should NISA (and, shall we say, 'others') succeed at their upcoming experiments I think you can expect to see a generalized shift toward the PC and other "open" platforms for JRPG importers and the like. It'll require some porting, which would be the biggest hurdle, but if a string of successes proves it can be profitable...

I would expect more announcements of this sort in the coming months, and let's just say that's a bit more than idle speculation.

Do you have any recommendations for those wanting to get into Indie development?

Make things. That is key above all else; there's a lot of dreamers out there, but a shockingly small number of people actually willing to find the time and energy to DO things.

This applies for any creative endeavor, really? You want to make art? Draw/sculpt/model in Maya/whatever. You want to write? Bang on that fucking keyboard. In the end, you can only learn art by doing, and you can only learn to create better things by creating things in the first place.

"Funding", "crowdsourcing", "value propostions", it's all a bunch of sheepdip. Step one of working in games - indie or otherwise - is to do stuff. Do stuff, prove you CAN do stuff, and you'll get a job.
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