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VVVVVV Custom Map: The Treasure

Hey there Dtoid. I've never really contributed much to the community, except for blogs and the occasional comment. But now, after a long time of waiting, I've made a VVVVVV map for you all to try out. I'm hoping a lot of people are willing to get this, play through it, and give me feedback. I assure you, all of the parts in the map are completely passable, there's no impossible puzzle. (unless you get caught in a glitch).

I waited so long because VVVVVV and my PC haven't gotten along well, as VVVVVV had some errors on my PC. It ran slow, and ruined the entire game. But now it's back up to speed, and I lost a few of my map packs, but this one was done just recently.

Warning: I have found my own maps to be possible, yet incredibly hard. Please do give feedback on the difficulty if you play through it. I severely cut back on the # of levels due to the difficulty. If I'm given enough positive feedback, I may make more for you all to enjoy. Thanks.

Here's a quick preview:

The story of The Treasure is that a man named JR went after a legendary treasure hidden in a far off dimension. No one knows if he ever obtained it, but Captain Viridian is about to head out, in search of this treasure, to see if it still exists.

and the download link

Click here
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