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Ramblin' w GxG: New Games...

I've wanted to just write up a rambling about some of the new video games I've picked up lately because I had money, it was burning a hole in my pocket and now I have more games I can play and further avoid some of the ones I have lesser interest in playing (I'm looking at you Deadly Premonition, Bully: Scholarship Edition & BFBC2) that and some stellar titles have and are coming out so essentially playing catch up on some of these is nice. You'll notice that both Duke Nukem Forever and Kameo have longer paragraphs than the others by virtue of me beating the games.

Shadows Of The Damned

I'd convinced myself it was a game I didn't need in my life, not because I wasn't interested but it was other games and a lack of funding that kept me away. I made the mistake of checking YouTube which much like Stevil and probably lots of us has been the cause of lots of game purchases. I didn't really get a feel for it's narrative style from YouTube but the look of the game was definitely up my alley. Having actually played it now I'm in love with Shadows Of The Damned. Such a wonderful game with a lot of hilarious wit and I'm told if I like the reason why beverages heal you I'll love what strawberries do. It's literally the game I'm jumping to after Dead Space 2. MY BIG BONAR indeed.

Dante's Inferno

I initially stayed away from Dante's Inferno for one reason. It's existence is negated by the existence of the God Of War series. Yes, it does want to cash in on the non-God Of War crowd over on the Xbox 360. So is it a clone? That'd be like asking First Person Shooter games to stop using guns or to stop aiming down sights. There's just things you can expect from a genre. That said though I still do think Kratos is more bad ass and that Dante looks like a downright pussy for being all on the fence about "absolving" people. Kratos wouldn't give a fuck. At the end of the day the game was cheap and it does look like alot of fun as I've always wanted to play as a Templar from crusades. In all seriousness though sometime down the road I'm gonna write a blog about why seemingly bad or flawed characters leave a bad taste in our mouths.

Duke Nukem Forever

For some reason long after the demo hit Game Marketplace I still had this desire to play Duke Nukem Forever. I don't know if it was because it would be like watching a car crash in slow motion but I just had to check it out. Even when I first played that Demo I didn't totally hate it. I sung the praises of poop throwing and generally all the items you could interact with in game as a highlight. It still is the highlight of the game but I'd say Duke Nukem Forever is hardly the worst game of all time. Is it worth $60? Hell no. I payed half and walked away happy. If you let it sink to $15-20 you'll walk away more than happy provided you go into it with an open mind for Duke's jokes and overall attitude. I agree with Jim and SuperMonk4Ever that Duke needs to be made the butt of jokes in the next Duke game but for now I think atleast DNF is a solid game if somewhat broken at times. Ie. get used to a crap load of long wait times between levels and massive texture popping at the beginning of said levels, graphically this game would have been better received had it come out in 2007 instead of 2011. Also Duke is weak as fuck and if you haven't been interacting with the environment to obtain Ego (Duke's shield) you'll get destroyed. Besides these issues and you know ALIEN RAPE....it's a fun little FPS with alot of crude humor in it. Where else can you randomly draw a pair of boobs and dick on a white board with the words "Titty Fuckin" underneath it?

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

I wasn't into fighting games when this came out though my brother did rent it once on the PS3. I bought it cause it was dirt cheap but deep down I bought it because I wanted to play as Superman again. I'll say it here I love Batman....but fuck Batman...Superman could break that guy in half. Superman is THE MAN motherfuckers. Too bad he don't get the respec he deserves...though I blame his last 3 films not living up to expectations and his last video game being GOD AWFUL. I am though happy to finally get to play as DC's alumni even if I don't know such simple facts as "Captain Marvel is just a young kid". Either way this game is cool, from Superman with love you son of a bitch.

Obscure Xbox 360 Exclusives

These honestly are two games I thought I'd never get ahold of myself without going to an outside source. I've honestly always been interested in the Xbox 360's Single Player exclusives for one big reason. They're usually pretty obscure or undersell in comparison to the PS3's. It's why alot of these games have some form of Co-Op Multiplayer because they know what alot of their customers want as much of those co-op experiences as possible where as Sony usually knows the strength of their games and unless they're a system selling title like the Uncharted series, usually leave the tacked on Co-Op mode out of the game. Sony's known for their stellar single player franchises, some of which have graduated out of necessity to multiplatform titles. It's also why the top 2 Xbox 360 exclusive franchises in Halo and Gears Of War are so heavily touted as Multiplayer titles because it seems that's what Microsoft puts above all else...getting you playing as many different kinds of experiences with friends and why you'll find some touting Xbox LIVE as "the place" to play Online Multiplayer based more on the pedigree of the name than anything else. Considering the heavy lean towards Multiplayer it's usually the unique exclusives that suffer under the weight of such heavy titles like Halo & Gears. Just ask Alan Wake which despite some fun DLC follow ups was still one of the most pirated games of last year. It didn't have Multiplayer...boo fucking hoo. It seems to me that it's reasons like this that while Xbox may be the place to get your multiplayer fix, PS3 is the more all around friendly for all genres when it comes to retail release games. Sure XBLA has a great lineup of all sorts of different genres that are exclusive to that system but those experiences are of the "bite size variety". I want the feel of a full retail release game with a different genre that isn't based heavily around multiplayer. I've come to accept though that being that I own a Xbox 360 I'm not going to get that but it doesn't mean such an experience doesn't exist as I present to you Kameo!

Kameo: Elements Of Power

Sometimes things happen and it's just sheer timing. Unless you've been an Xbox loyalist since day one there's a chance you've missed this amazing title. A game I'll say right now SHOULD BE touted alongside the Halo's and the Gear's as one of the best Xbox 360 titles ever when we jump to the next generation. I say to you if you love adventure and love what Nintendo has been doing for years you have NO EXCUSE not to play Kameo! It honestly is such a departure from what the Xbox 360 is known for. Developed by Rare as an Xbox 360 launch title as it was previously set to be on the Gamecube then the original Xbox you play as Kameo set out on a quest to free her elven family from the Troll King Thorn. Throughout the game you collect the elemental warriors from the Shadow Trolls guarding them. You can change at any time into 3 different warriors and combine their attacks to take out enemies and solve puzzles. That's just honestly a PR way of saying it but it's a ton of fun. Nowhere else can I play as a giant Ice Chewbacca that throws Ice spears. Can grab trolls and throw them into his spiked back then grab the trolls by the head and use them as clubs while I beat down other trolls and the icing on the said Ice Cake? You then toss them across the area with sheer delight. Another warrior that's a ton of fun is Pummel Weed who is essentially a boxing...you read that right a BOXING plant. He has gloves and he jukes, jives and jabs my favourite part using the Uprooter attack to go under locked gates and at your command spring upwards with a devastating uppercut. Little Mac is that you? Honestly I wish I could go on and on about all the varied Elemental Warriors and their attacks but there are 10 of them and all 10 feel very unique and have unique moves/attacks and areas of the different worlds to interact with. I'll say this my only complaint is some of the controls, especially with Deep Blue the underwater Elemental which as far as I know has inverted controls underwater that can't be changed which makes one of the boss fights (atleast for me) excruciatingly difficult. Everything else though is fantastic. Love adventure games like Zelda but want something that feels a little easier like a Mario game? Kameo is your jam. Our jam.

Bullet Witch

This game I first saw on the mighty YouTube. Sure I'd heard of it a while back but for whatever reason I wasn't all that curious. Actually I think it was more due to the fact that I thought I'd never find the game. It's a funny game, the shooting is fine but only half the spells work and the spell wheel isn't that great. I like it for it's style and the fact that this is essentially a teenage goth girl's wet dream...of a video game. "Taste fear as your soul burns away" Alicia cries and then a lightning bolt cracks the sky. Besides Alicia's way hotter than that Bayonetta chick. Sure Bayonetta as a game actually works....but I never found librarians attractive so Bullet Witch wins just cause the main character is hotter. Logic. In seriousness though guys...you get to fight a skeletal DRAGON ontop of a plane while giant Sentinel-squiddy like things from The Matrix in the form of giant eyeballs attack a plane and these fucked up creatures that twist in weird manners and make weird sounds...they're called Caterpillar people for some reason though I can kind of see it. Then you shoot soldier guys that have faces for skin and it's about demons and you get to shoot stuff. It's really neat guys. Just incase you thought I was lyin' here's a video for your EYE SOCKETS TO BELIEVE.

Awesome Video Where The Bullet Witch Fights A Dragon Ontop Of A Plane While Giant Eyeballs Fly Around
(Edit: I had to do it this way because the video embedder isn't showing up for me. Sad fucking face)

To be Continued with my Journey To Dead Island....
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