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Rubbish News (with Crappy Pictures) Part Deux

So hey what do ya know. People actually like that stinking turd roll of a post last time. So hell why not do another one, right? I mean it can only go down hill from here. So lets get this little cluster shit-storm underway shall we.

As many of you know GoW3 was released this week with near perfect reviews from most. Yet a few dared... TO GIVE THEIR OPINION! The audacity, the nerve, the... fanboys need to grow the fudge up.

Crysis on consoles was announced this week with many a gamer rejoicing over a 4 year old game being released for the PS3 and 360. Also, some PC gamers cried in a corner chanting "IS NOT POSSIBLE".

visceral games Melbourne being shut down? Apparently so according to some reports around the interwebs. And if your wondering why you should care (other than people losing there jobs, you heartless ball muffins), they helped create the Dead Space games among others. so yeah, hope your proud of yourselves, not buying there games and all.

Well that's another piece of proverbial trash done with. Again if you liked this (WTF is wrong with you?), be sure to comment below. If you didn't then tell Jim Sterling to piss on me. Wait what... also comment below on how i could improve (hahaha).

Have a good week people and see you in 7 days. Maybe.
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