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A Game for the Hardcore: Disgaea 4

Disgaea 4 is the latest sequel to the Disgaea series. Disgaea 3 seemed to have left a few fans feeling a bit disappointed with the characters, and the fact that the series has not seen any significant evolution in its visuals since it was created. Disgaea 4 seeks to remedy these two complaints, and more. Does it succeed? Read ahead and judge for yourself.

Fuka keeps thinking this is all a dream. Pro tip: It isn't.

In terms of length, Iíd have to say that Disgaea 4 is definitely up there in the series in overall gameplay time. The story took me about 30 hours to complete. Most of the story maps were quite challenging, and it wasnít always so simple to clear the map. The post game content has, so far, racked an additional 60 hours to my gameplay time. There are a number of additional characters you can unlock, alternate challenge maps called X-dimensions, and the Land of Carnage has returned (all the maps get way stronger enemies, and a few other additions). Add in the Item World shenanigans and pirating, and you can easily lose 100s of hours to this game.

Overall, Disgaea 4 was a great addition to the franchise. Itís not a revolution of the series so much as a refinement. Those interested in the series will find the game to be quite accessible, and long time fans will find that it is just as deep, if not more so, than the other games of the series.

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