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First Impressions: PS3 Infamous 2 Bundle


Seriously, HDMI for LESS than a piece of cheese!

I know it�s a minor point to go off on, but it really makes no sense when you consider that an HDMI cable is REQUIRED to take advantage of all of the features! Luckily, I already had one for my Xbox 360, and since I can�t really use both at once I just used that one. Bottom line: they�re cheap Playstation, just add them in. For physical content (rating of infamous 2 game not a factor) I�ll give it a 7/10. You get everything you need to �technically� hook it up, but the lack of an HDMI cable is just ridiculous.

After I got it all hooked up, I turned it on and started the setup. Easy stuff, they did this part really well. Even though I could have done all of the networking stuff manually, just clicking the �easy setup� option for network settings had me connected in seconds. I also really like the on-screen keyboard over 360�s. It seems way more responsive and the option to plug in a USB keyboard is such a welcome option. The UI is very quick and although it�s laid out differently than the 360�s UI, it�s actually easier to find things because they�re all laid out right there. You don�t have to go to like �My Playstation� then choose �System settings,� then choose whatever you want to change. It�s all just right there on the main screen. Setup/Ease of use gets a 9/10, because nothing is perfect.

One of the first things I did was check out the PSN store. This was an afterthought for me initially, but now that I�ve taken a look in there, I�m glad I got the bigger HDD. They have some pure gold when it comes to PSOne titles, and I can see myself loading up on them in the near future. The ability to buy PSP games and transfer them is excellent, since I have a PSP that never gets used, this could breathe some new life into it for me. While I don�t anticipate buying full Playstation 3 titles from PSN, having such a large HDD would allow me to do so if I wanted. My rating for PSN content: 9/10. There could definitely be MORE PSOne game choices, but I feel like more are being added regularly.

I haven�t had time to play anything online yet really, so I can�t comment on how the online service is. However the bundle did include a 60-day trial of PS+, so I�m going to hang onto that until there is something in the store I wouldn�t mind getting for free or at a PS+ discount.

Overall I�m very satisfied with my purchase. If I didn�t have an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 at this point in time, and I was going to buy one of them today: PS3 is the definite winner. It basically shares the 360�s library anyway, exclusives aside, and it doubles as a blu-ray player.

The infamous 2 Playstation 3 bundle is $299, and is definitely worth the price if you are looking to hop on the PS3 train today. Hope you weren�t too bored, and that you found my first impressions somewhat useful. I wasn�t trying to give an in-depth review, just my initial thoughts after owning it for 24 hours.

Thanks for reading!
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