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Brothers! It's been too long!


I figured it's the end of my first week writing here at Destructoid so I might as well do one of those re-introduction things. Everybody's doing it so I'll just jump off that bridge too. I'm a real sucker for some peer pressure -- the drug that kills.

Alright so some of you know me as ye olde community member Cadtalfryn. Others don't, but that's okay because I'm talking at you now regardless. I'm new contributor here. So, if you're on the front page you might read things that I did type with my fingers onto a keyboard about real gaems what you can play. Like that Megaman game where you rescue the princess from Dr. robotnik made by Nintendo for Japan.

Anyway... If you would have told me four years ago that I'd be writing for my favorite website I'd have not believed you, actually. But life's funny sometimes. I was at the gym many moons ago when I received an email from Niero saying "Fuck yeah you're hired!" I almost the treadmill in surprisement. It was like there an AMAZZZZING yardsale. EKANS.

I don't think I'd ever have had this opportunity if it weren't for a trio of Dtoid community members I bumped into by chance one night. The night Shawn Evans' business card graced my wallet was possibly the most important night of my blogging life. But for him, it was a Friday. Albeit, the Friday after a long week at E3, the same Friday that the Lakers won at sports and set the place on fire. BTW the Dodgers are BLATANTLY better than the Lakers. LOL TROLL BIAS

So long story short I met walkyourpath, Kauza, and SilverDragon1979 at this E3 kegger thing. It was supposed to be for that Scott Pilgrim game, but a lot of Dtoiders totally crashed it. Great night. I hugged Jim. Wore this. And met Niero (he's so nice!) all for the first time. It was almost as great as finally getting to meet Jonathan Holmes at PAX after missing him at this Bit.Trip event (Screw parking meters). Also good times. I guess that wasn't short and I never actually got to the point but STFUAJPG it's my blog damnit. Forums are that way >

So after talking to Shawn, Sean, and Andrew (Shaauuun! Jaaason!) I ended up writing with them over at Gamer Limit. We'd all previous met for discourse via these here wonderful Cblogs -- which I joined because God told me I sucked. Anyway, I learned a lot writing at Gamer Limit. I don't think I'd ever have this opportunity or fulfilled childhood dreams of attending E3 if it weren't for meeting those guys and that site.

I really can't thank them enough and I think my life would have been really different hadn't I bumped into them. Maybe once SilverDragon1979 isn't too busy being married to beautiful women in paradise and carrying boxes into brand new houses he'll write another review for us to read or something.

The opportunity to write at GL is an amazing, invaluable experience. But it also tore a lot of my attention away from this community over the last year. Finishing off my degree didn't help matters either. I've missed this place and am really looking forward to jumping back in. So yeah, hi.

In concrusion...Happy Birthday Samit.

PS. Weird, obscure Japanese games are better than those AAA Western games and if you don't agree....Pancakes.

Also, Cocks.

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