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What up nerds?

A long time ago, when I was a wee one in Northern England, my dad brought home this funny looking video game system. I had no idea what it was, but I'd come to learn not long after that it was an Atari (not sure what generation). I can't really remember what games we had save one, Jungle Hunt. I played the crap out of Jungle Hunt, but unfortunately I stunk at it. I could always master the first boulder level, then the swimming level...but after that the larger boulders and the dancing natives would just be too much for my young mind to comprehend, so off to dad I went. With the controller out of my hand, Dad took to jumping and ducking huge boulders and getting past those natives like it were second nature...oh the natives and their enchanting rhythmic dancing...how they swayed. Either way, dad could master them all. It would be ironic though that my dad of all people would get me into gaming considering he's one of "those" that doesn't see the point in it anymore.

As the years passed by and I jumped from the Atari to the Sega Master System I seemed to need my dad less and less when it came to video games. Sure a little guidance on turning on "Hang-On" here and there, how time my jumps in "Wonderboy" and various other things but by the time the Master System was out, I mostly took to those games myself. You have no idea how much time and sweat I poured into getting to that freakin' spinning wall in Shinobi...no idea! What saddens me though is a good portion of those games I never actually beat (though I did beat Wonderboy) but that was well before it felt more like a goal to get to the end more like the game itself being the experience. It wasn't until the Sega Genesis did I begin to see it that way.

Just a little side step here, I'd like to point out that I never actually owned a Nintendo Entertainment System. Nor did I ever own a Super Nintendo. I think even back then when I was a kid it had alot to do with all the "other kids" having it. I wasn't old enough to think Sega's system was for more mature games (though looking back maybe it was). The next generation between Genesis and the Super Nintendo seemed to highlight this. I remember thinking, screw Nintendo. I'm going with the console that has blood in Mortal Kombat! No seriously, I did think that. Sure Nintendo looked better...but where's the blood?

Don't get me wrong though, Super Nintendo had some good games, but my place of residence was the house Sega built. So while I look back and have a few games that Nintendo have made, like the Super Mario Bros., Legend Of Zelda, Super Mario Kart and Mario 64, I really don't appreciate Nintendo's heavy hitters as much as others do. It was all about Sonic baby, as on Christmas 1991, I opened up a brand new Sega Genesis with Sonic The Hedgehog inside. Man I loved Sonic, even if at the time it was the hardest game ever (is that a testament to me being bad at video games?) I only ever beat the first game once, but I freakin' mastered Sonic The Hedgehog 2 like it wasn't no thing...and it wasn't. Another favourite had to be Comix Zone. That stands as one of the games that had a soundtrack that I totally fell in love with...even if it was just freakin' midi's or whatever the software was. I was also more into sports back then, so you better believe I owned NBA Jam and NBA Hang Time. Infact I remember saving up a couple of weeks pay from my paperboy route just to save up for NBA Hang Time which came to 80 FREAKIN' DOLLARS. Can you believe that? Games were more expensive back then...atleast here they were.

Things kinda changed with the next generation. I think I made a post on here about some of the games that brought me to the PlayStation. You'd think I'd seen the next coming of Christ when I saw the gameplay for "Die Hard Trilogy" and "Twisted Metal". I never did buy Die Hard Trilogy (which I might just do now if I can find a decent copy on eBay) but I certainly got Twisted Metal....a game that literally never left that system, though in alot of ways I think I ended up preferring Twisted Metal 2 for the bigger maps and destructible Eiffel Tower. Besides the Metal Gear Solids, and Resident Evils I fondly remember saying "Woodabugah!" as much as I could whenever Crash Bandicoot would get those magic kabooki masks.

Another change for me personally was the owning of two systems in one generation...seemingly not a big deal, but for a kid with not alot of deniro it was huge to own a N64. I loved me some Mario 64, WCW/nWo Revenge and Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire. Heck I bought the system based on the strength of those games alone...sure you maybe thinking....Revenge...and effing Shadows Of The Empire? But I loved those games. It started a trend with a friend of mine which I may post a blog about later.

I don't want to talk about what games I loved on newer games because most are ripe for discussion and I could probably devote blogs to some newer stuff by themselves. Heck this wasn't even meant to be a serious blog, just talking about games I've enjoyed and what systems I've played through most of the console iterations. Mostly an introduction to some of my gaming experiences. I honestly wish I could remember more but whatever. Hey I'm Gareth, I'm a 28 year old Canadian gamer who happens to post introductions at the end of his blog. Weird no?

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