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Labor Day: How I Said Goodbye to a Dragon

The Playstation 1 era was tough. I was 11 years old, I only got a little pocket money a week, and I still don’t quite get what this “saving your money” is all about. Games were hard to come by, and if I wanted to buy them they needed to last me a good long while. I churned through a lot of trash, London Racer was no hidden gem let me assure you, but that isn’t to say the PS1 wasn’t without its gems. Well, if I recall correctly, one game in particular had thousands of them. And I beat that game, no matter how many it had. Which game was that I hear you cry (though obviously not because this has already been written)? That, my friend, is the story of how I said goodbye to a dragon.

Spyro used to be awesome. No really, he was the best. The podgy purple protagonist of Insomniacs three Playstation 1 hits was without a doubt one of my favourite video game characters, and his games were a delightful mish mash of exploration, puzzle solving and the odd gimmick. Spyro was a class act, no two levels acted the same way, whether you were soaring around the cloud spires or dashing frantically through one of the games many speedways Spyro Year of the Dragon hit that pitch perfect level of keeping gameplay fresh with innovative new ideas being constantly sprinkled throughout. It also had thousands of gems. Thousands. I loved Spyro, I loved the graphics, I loved the soundtrack, I loved the multiple characters and the hidden bosses. I didn’t love the thousands of gems. The thousands of hidden gems. In every level. That I had to find.

When Spyro died I knew it wasn’t his fault. He was fine, it was Insomniac who had moved on. They were doing another game series, something about wrenches and clunking. Spyro just wasn’t theirs anymore, and as a result he wasn’t mine either. I couldn’t finish Enter the Dragonfly, who could? It was clunky, broken, ugly and just not Spyro. I missed Spyro. I still do. But then again I would because he had come to an end, and no end would be good enough. Because it’d be just that, an end.
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