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Improvements: Stuff


I think we've had a solid week of improvements listed on the cblogs, so I'm throwing this stuff out in haste. Hopefully it won't turn in to a long blog.

I've requested this on Niero's cblog a few months back, but I don't think he reads that. Here it is again.



The way this little bar is structured isn't ideal. Promoted c-blogs should have their own little image window that can scroll between the articles. The regular c-blogs shouldn't. I'm sure I could clean up the second image so it was prettier, but that is the base concept. Show the blogs in list form without them being hidden behind other items. Display the Faps, not the images. The rest is self explanatory.

Now on to another little coding annoyance.

Main page image:

What it's supposed to look like:

Notice how there is 1.5 people in picture 1 and in picture 2 there are actually 2 people. The fact that images are cropped is annoying. The coding is really good looking with the rounded edges, but when you ruin the big picture, the point is lost. Get your writers to figure out how to maximize the talking point of the image by learning proper positioning or change it so we can have normal images again.

I swear there were 5 back to back front page images for Call of Duty yesterday where you couldn't see the protagonists gun.


Sorry, I've asked like 6 times in these improvement blogs. Thought I'd put more emphasis on the 7th.

I'd also like an improved concept for the Toidlet AKA groups. I know it was hard for the Groups chaos of yesteryear, but it can work. Since I broke that down over here, I'll leave that as it has a wealth of responses. Learn from the past and grow Destructoid. Improve the Toidlet.

This works. I like commenting/liking posts. I know Dtoid is looking in to Disqus and Livefyre as a commenting system, but I can't comment on my phone with these systems. Which kinda removes me commenting on articles which is the opposite of an improved commenting system.

I like Disqus, but thats an issue.

Speaking of phones.

The page can be loaded better. The main page works, but when I go to community, I get the full page load out like normal. This takes a while for the phone to process and it's a bit annoying. Same for a persons cblog main page. The speed of the front page and the articles in the cblogs is great, some of the other stuff can be streamlined.

Fight.Destructoid needs to be expanded on. I'm not sure if this was a little marketing side project or not, but I don't own those games. FNF facilitates that itch and so Fight.Destructoid is pointless/useless to me. It needs to be expanded on. You could essentially make a matchmaking system for everyone. Limit the pay to fight stuff for the big games you do support, but you could also make a loadout of games that people own. I can register my game on here and I'll be able to see if other Dtoiders want to play. Simple as that.

Also, I want more editorials. You guys just hired a fuck ton of interns that flooded the cblogs with intro posts. The least you can do is get them to write something for a musing that can go up on Saturday or Sunday to cap off the next round of musings. I'm not going to argue whether it should be weekly or monthly as they both have their advantages...however there should be more staff involved with editorials. Chad and occasionally Holmes or MegaStryke can't cover for everyone.

Also also, the Question should have more substance than just "here's a topic...GO." You can add back and forth like debatoid does or even do a recap of the good and bad responses...like debatoid does. It's a fine feature, but I don't really ever respond because their really is no point.

Since I don't really have this plotted out...meh. That's all folks!

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