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A belated introduction

Howdy folks. I'm Fraser, one of the new PC/news interns. I thought I'd jump onto the c-blogs and properly introduce myself before I start appearing on the site. A handful of you might already know me as ImmortalWaster from comments and my blog posts here. I never really got around to writing an intro blog, I just sort of jumped in due to an overwhelming desire to write about Total War: Shogun 2.

I'm from Scotland and right now I'm trapped in our nation's capital of Edinburgh. After getting a useless degree that won't serve a purpose until someone invents a time travelling device I pretty much got stuck here. But it's not so bad, I found a really comfy seat.

I enjoy expensive whiskey, cheap women, dogs that wear hats (particularly top hats, bowler hats and deer stalkers) and daleks.

Away with you, woman! I have planets to destroy!

My addiction to 4X games is balanced out by my equally strong addiction to RPGs. I know that there are some folk who bemoan the state of the modern RPG scene, but I genuinely believe that we've never had it so good. Sure, a lot of the practical criticisms levelled at big devs like Bioware and Lionhead by RPG purists are completely valid. A lot of AAA RPGs are incredibly stripped down, but they still appeal to a huge demographic and it's not like their popularity has stopped other devs from creating cracking classic additions to the genre. Avadon: The Black Fortress immediately springs to mind.

Now you know more about me than you could possibly give a shit about, so let's move on to the inappropriate touching. By the way, I like it when people stroke my beard.
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About Fraser Brownone of us since 2:44 PM on 07.16.2010

Fraser Brown is that bearded, bespectacled Scotsman that covers PC gaming who is not Alasdair Duncan.

Got a splinter stuck in his hand nineteen years ago and just left it in there. True story.

He lives with this thorny burden in Edinburgh, Scotland, drinking a lot of whisky and playing a lot of video games to soothe the pain.

He has sexual feelings for strategy games, adventure games, and has been known to dabble in the murky world of MMOs.