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Improvements: This May Sting

I'm not going to bother too much with an intro and just get straight into it. Yes, I will be repeating what a lot of others have said, but that will hopefully help it actually get changed. I'm going to start, however, with something that I haven't noticed anybody mention yet.

Screenshot/Image Galleries

This probably has more to do with all the junk and clutter at the top of each page, but I hate trying to look at new screenshots through Destructoid. Usually, when I notice an article about new screens from an upcoming game, I'll go over to another site to see if they have them. Why? First, they have it in a slideshow format. Therefore, I only have to load the one page instead of having to go to a separate page for each image. Then, if the picture is smaller, I can just expand it from there (you do do this on the Buy/Sell page, but the larger pics tend to go offscreen). Second, I don't have to scroll down half a page just to be able to see the full pic because of all the stuff at the top of the page that I never actually use. When I click on a link to view a picture, I'd like to be able to see the full picture, first thing, on the next page. That is, of course, assuming I can't just scroll to it in a slideshow.

Do you really need that many links to your sister sites. In my honest opinion, the links look a bit scammy. I think it would look cleaner and much more professional if you just had one row of links using the sites logo and name. If they have a tagline, then put it underneath the logo and have the link go their main page. Maybe preface the links with something like "Hey, if you like us, check our friend's sites at:" and then the links underneath.

Whew, that was a lot of stuff. I didn't even mention that stupid chat thing or how I sort of wish you would acknowledge the forum community a little more often, but I've only got so much time. I love Destructoid. It is, hands down my favorite website to go to every day. The community here is second to none and I've actually made several friends, both online and IRL, through the site. I know that some of my criticisms may be a bit harsh, but sometimes we have to hurt the ones we love in order to get through to them. I just hope that I and the others writing these blogs can get through to you.
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