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Improvements: Springboard, Jim Sterling, Sales, Reviews, etc.

I'm really digging this new weekly musing topic. I've had some ideas for dtoid for some time now, with no real opportunity to come out and say it. So I guess I'll go ahead and get started then.

1. Springboard

[url=http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/flintcsci/improvements-springboard-sucks-210203.phtml] Flintcsci already made somewhat of a blog about this, and he basically sums it up as springboard sucks, which it does, and there's other forms of media that work way better. I honestly don't know what Dtoid didn't just stick with youtube to begin with, maybe the videos being taken down so often, I'm not sure. But anything is better than the current video system on dtoid.

2. Jim Sterling

I'll admit, I laugh occasionally at one of his joke articles. But seriously, he acts too immature and I don't see why he's given the community approval for acting like the joker of the internet occasionally. The Silent Hill voice recording, for example, was Jim acting like a 5 year old mocking other people. And another example, the “That Gannondorf!”. Jim, please stick to jimquisitions, jimpressions, and interviewing people.

And on another note about Jim Sterling, I feel as though a disclaimer should be added to his reviews that states that he doesn't enjoy many video games and you should try the video game first before agreeing with Jim. Sonic Colors for wii was good, so was Vanquish. Left 4 Dead 2 was a rehash of the first, sorry jim.

3. Sales

There are times where there are too many sales going on at once. And each one gets their own article, which is a waste of an article in my opinion. So what do I suggest? You know all of those boxes to the right of the main page, we give one of them to sales. It has any new deals, daily deals, etc. However, there should still be articles for large price drops on consoles/handhelds. But if Dead Space 2 is $20 for a week, let's not give it its own article.

4. Reviews

There was the case of what console to review Battlefield 3 on, 360 or PC? I think if the difference is too great, as it is with Battlefield 3, then I believe the same reviewer should review both, starting with the PC version. (If they started with 360, and gave Battlefield 3 a 9/10, then moved to PC and liked it more, they would be at a stalemate unless they were willing to give it a 9.5 or perfect 10)

5. If possible, a new site chat system

I'm not sure if anyone has the same problems I have with the chat. When I try to click the “--- people here”, it crashes my firefox. And then it's impossible to turn off that little “whoosh” sound effect every time someone posts a message.

6. More Peripheral Reviews

I don't mean go overboard on every little piece of plastic that comes out, but I would really like to see more peripheral reviews. Maybe it could have its own section on Dtoid? But lets not review mousepads anymore. We don't live in 1999 anymore. Mice don't need mouse pads anymore.
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