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Comments of GoldenGamerXero

13 months ago, this happened:

From Occams thoughts on a Wednesday

5 days ago, this happened:

From Sean Daisy's Inbox

Here is my tribute to one of the guys who got me back on the site, and got me back into doing Comments of the Week. I'm going to look back on his Commentoid contributions and pick some of the highlights. This is all GoldenGamerXero's original flavor.

From: EA wants Dead Space to be as big as Resident Evil

I prefer games that keep all the good things in other games but always add in something fresh to not be too similar.

From: Angry Birds boss claims consoles are dying

This guy is acting like Kanye West of video game developers. No one wants to be the Kanye West.

From: The nature of the videogame review

Disagreement with any way that game reviews are treated in the industry will get you in the truth section on my weeks.

NO EXCEPTIONS ’cept if you’re a dick about it because that just ain’t cool brah

From: Halo 4 start of a new trilogy, coming Holiday 2012

Before I used to feel bad when I missed a troll and saw great material like this go to waste but now I like to fill in the blanks of what they actually said. Right now I’m imaging a very posh sounding gentleman writing about how Halo “cannot satisfy his intellectual need for depth that only a PS3 could attain. Or tits.”

From: Square Enix: Wii U needs a strong launch lineup


From: Indie rock band 'The National' lend song to Portal 2

They all look so excite

[b]From: Molyneux: Fable 3 not so great, Fable 4 must amaze you

Okay Peter I get it. You like including finer details rather than important gameplay features or hiring decent writers but all I wanna know is where are our acorns and WHERE THE FUCK ARE OUR TREES?!

From: See Sentinel, Hsein Ko in hot Marvel vs Capcom 3 action

Manrection is one of my new favourite words from the Dtoid dicktionary. Right after clitbutter.

From: I Am Alive now a PSN, XBLA title out this year

Jesus Christ. I fucking love you guys.

From: PS3 owners demand refund for inferior Black Ops

Kudos to the four involved in this beautiful rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. It put a smile on my face as I read through the derp.

From: Best Buy's Black Friday doorbusters revealed


And here comes the easy pa... Wait Mattrodroid was banned!

Where the hell am I supposed to find something crazy enough to replace him!

Oh. Oh this will do:

From: Nintendo posts huge loss in first quarter

Seriously guys WTF? For those wondering if I took these comments out of context go check the thread. This pretty much comes out of nowhere.

From: E3: First impressions of Prototype 2


From: In which I break down why Homefront's plot is impossible

Matt is really starting to remind me of a less cool and likeable version of the question:

From: Codies: Gran Turismo 5 could be acused of being boring

Have you ever had a comment just make you go “wut?” because this one just made me do that. It wasn’t because of the stupidity of what was said or anything it was just the randomness of it. Look at the comment in context and it’s still pretty stupefying.


From Comments of the week: Xero is an unreliable bag of dicks edition

Tom and Jerry never stops being funny

Well stuff happened like my internet breaking down, watching the entire first season of Adventure Time, trying to learn C++, designing a small game with some friends and as per usual school so Comments of the Week will be late this week. This is all you guys want anyway so you shouldn’t miss me much till Monday – Tuesday.

Here’s some awesome C-Blog shit that happened that most you the guys that read this are probably in:



In case any of you care about our game idea – It’s a point and click adventure game/turn based RPG in the vein of Monkey Island games, Escape the room style flash games, Earthbound and Paper Mario about a astronaut without a face who goes exploring with some other fellow faceless guys on a spaceship in order to find a evil guy who’s warping reality. It starts off in an infirmary and escalates with him buying weapons, items and other miscellaneous goods from the TV shopping channel that are helpfully delivered to him by a space delivery boy.

It’s an unnamed project that we’ll probably decide its shit and give up before we actually get anyway half decent but hey at least we tried. As long as we have something to do from the next year or so I’ll be happy. I’m designing the characters, enemies and rooms as well as helping with scripting, puzzle design, music and programming. Some concept art [doodles] by me and friends can be found in the gallery below.


From Sean Daisy's Sent box

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