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Stuff...but less importantly, I didn't go to PAX


It's been an hour and 45 minutes that I've been sitting here at work with my first customer stopping in a minute ago for a $20 sale. Thankfully this week has been insanely busy, but this is a bit disappointing to cap it off with.

Since it's PAX, everybody feels that it's more important to have fun at PAX instead of giving me reading material, so I guess I'm going to fill in the void for those of us who aren't having a blasty blast in Seattle.

I "beat" Yggdra Union this week. I put it in quotations, because I believe the game is over. I beat the big baddie, Yggdra has learned her valuable life lesson, and we all had a feel good moment. It was nice. Then a giant island sprung forth from the ocean giving our heroes an ominous feeling. Then I beat that new menace. However, I unlocked some extras that told me I haven't collected enough. Collect-a-thon mentality dictating that I have only just begun my adventure. I am totally strategy guiding this thing though as landing on a specific spot to unlock items is so brilliantly bullshit. At least I have Hard Mode now.

To sum up everything that is Yggdra Union: the game is good. It could have been great if it didn't restrict itself so much in method. The characters are pleasant for the most part and the story goes to some dark places, but to put arbitrary and undefined rule sets in a battle is infuriating. I've replayed a map 4 times just because I didn't quite get the fact that if I kept whooping a baddie's ass, they wouldn't die.

Using their newly unlocked God Mode, they proceed to pin me in a corner. So I punch and punch and they take it like a sand bag hung from the ceiling. They will never move from that position until I burn through all my available moves. Thankfully, there is no real punishment in this scenario as losses carry over battle experience and card bonuses. Its just annoying is all.

That being said, when can I expect the spiritual successor to Yggdra Union? C'mon, you know you wanna do it Sting. Gotta pick up Riviera at some point after this.

Oooh a customer! You want to pay $4.35 on a Discover card? Sigh.

So the tickets for UFC 136 went on sale last weekend. They probably had a huge push on the radio, but NPR didn't seem to get any of the advertising money so I didn't know the exact date it was going on sale. Lo and behold come Monday morning, all of the cheap seats are taken. By taken, I obviously mean that those $50 tickets that would have been open for me are now on ticket distributing websites like Stub Hub for $150. Now I'm a huge fan of MMA, and would love to go to the fight. LOVE TO. However, I can't afford 2 tickets starting at that price.

It's going to be SOOOO GOOD TOO. We have not one, but 2 title fights. It's like everybody decided that October was a good month to be healthy and wanted to fight. I won't be there, because Stub Hub wanted to scalp. Anywho, the fights are going to be good. Like really good. Some of the undercard fights could under cut the main card ones. Particularly Anthony Pettis vs Jeremy Stephens.

So it'll be a good card. If you want predictions from 2 months away, I'll give it real quick.

Because I'm bored at work, that's why.

Edgar vs Maynard: Maynard via Decision
As controversial as the last draw was, I still had Maynard as the winner. That puts Maynard at 2 up on Edgar. It's going to be another close one as these two are scrappy fighters, but I think Maynard will squeak it out if he paces himself right. Unfortunately this is a post-injury fight, so the better recovered fighter will be the winner.

Aldo vs Florian: Florian via Decision
I'm really struggling with this one because Jose Aldo is a top notch fighter and Kenny chokes hard on the big stage. However, if Florian fights like he's supposed to, he can out point Jose Aldo. Florian's got killer elbows, but Jose has killer leg kicks. It's going to be really interesting, but for the purposes of placing a winner, I'll give the nod to KenFlo.

Sonnen vs Stann: Sonnen via Decision
Lots of decisions, but that's how I see it. It's going to be a long night towards the end. Sonnen is a better wrestler hands down and he's going to dominate with that against Stann. I like Stann better than Sonnen, but I just think that grind heavy style will wear on him. The time off factor shouldn't be as big a deal with Sonnen mostly because his delays diverted his activity instead of outright stopping it.

Russow vs Herman: N/A via KO
Sorry off the top of my head I don't know these guys. I think I remember Herman had a big knockout, but the face to name isn't ringing any bells for me. It'll end in a KO though.

Guillard vs Lauzon: Guillard via KO
Guillard hits hard and Lauzon is scrappy. If Lauzon can dominate in any area, he can get a submission. I just don't see it happening before Guillard uses his speed and power.

Maia vs Santiago: Santiago via KO
Santiago has a suspect chin, but is a solid fighter. Maia can easily win this on the ground, but has to get there first. I think Santiago will try to keep it standing and trade with Maia. If that happens, Santiago will win.

Pettis vs Stephens: Pettis via Submission
Stephens has a lot of heart and Pettis has a lot of skill. It should be interesting to see who comes out on top but I'll put my money on Pettis out positioning Stephens on the feet and on the ground.

Another customer!!!! Ah, it's Manuel. Dude doesn't even try to speak any English every time he comes in. I'm trying my best to use my broken Spanish to work with him, but there has to be some give and take. Woo $35 should end this day on a high note. Such a slow day.

Speaking of UFC, I've missed watching the big Rio fight to take care of my kid. Wife's at work and all that. However, it should have been a doozy for UFC marketing purposes in Latin America. Fights should have been okay too. I'll read online some time later this week about who won. Right now I'm just ignoring things for the fact that I'm jaded I couldn't watch them.

I've been pretty lax on my reading materials over the past few weeks. HG101 posted the beginning of what will be a MASSIVE Super Robot Wars piece. I love the franchise, but haven't felt like reading anything on it. Just looking at all the pretty pictures and moving on. I want to do a Manga in Crossover Games piece about all the crossover games that will never come to the US, but I am so lazy I haven't even begun playing any of the other games on my current crossover list. I just don't feel like phoning in an article as much as I really want to phone in a few of these articles (looking at you Rise of the Imperfects).

I just now got around to reading GameSpite's articles on 4 of the best games to ever grace a PlayStation. The Final Fantasy Tactics piece is fairly standard fair and pretty boring from my perspective, however the Breath of Fire III article is fantastic. I apologize to everyone who I will offend with this statement, but Breath of Fire III is the best sprite based JRPG made. My limited experience with FF6 might be hindering my viewpoint, but BoF3 is the most underrated game I've ever seen.

I haven't felt like reading through the BoF4 article, but the Valkyria Chronicles one is so simple in explaining that this game is just good. Nothing great about the article in itself, but it highlights why you should be playing the darn thing.

I'm catching up with my reading, but there have been great articles I've been passing up and I'm trying to make amends. I just haven't been in a real reading type of mood. I probably missed some good stuff on the C-blogs too because of this, so forgive me.

Customer just left with two tickets totaling about $50. If it weren't the last sale of the day, I'd have been more optimistic at the slow rise in totals.

So after having absolutely no luck with anime this season, I finally went to the well and tried stuff that I'd read people talking about. Big Windup got a test drive and like all baseball anime, it has heart. Not quite as biting as Cross Game, especially with the beginning, but it's got a nice diversity in cast that works well. The sexual undertones between all the guys is thick though. Mostly because they drew it so that everyone is blushing all the time. It makes most conversations and closeups, feel like a preparation for a romantic coupling. Is it weird that by the third episode, I was hoping the catcher and the pitcher would kiss?

Maybe I just watch too many harem anime.

So, that and Baka to Test are keeping me busy. Unfortunately Baka to Test has stuck with a three episode arc that is somewhat funny but really long in premise. I just don't care if Akihisa wants to prove he's not a peeping tom by peeping on the girls. Not disappointing, but just a bit too long. HOWEVER, the ending to that episode pushed one girl ahead in the harem. Things will either get really interesting from here, or most likely, really predictable.

I also tried Minecraft this week thanks to some cool blue cloud thing named Beyamor. Still don't really get that game, though I turned it off when it got dark out. Sorry, but I play on my laptop at night. Dark areas in a dark room is pretty unplayable. However, I did punch a chicken in Zelda fashion. Wasn't as satisfying. Then I punched a tree. It was a bit more satisfying.

Oh and what kinda game drops you in water as soon as you boot up the game? I literally have no concept of how to move and jump and here I am swimming in the lake of an underground cavern. Safe to say like all water levels, I died. Then I respawned on land. Progress?

The game seems kinda unique with it's open "do what you want" policies. I'm not sure how this all leads to a 1 to 1 recreation of the Kanto region of Pokemon, but maybe that's the riddle of the game. I guess I could learn crafting 101 off a wiki or something, but I like to crash and burn first. After the fire, I'll ask for help.

This week seemed kinda shallow for promotions on the front page. We've gone from 5 front pages a month ago to 4 front pages last week and now finally 3 front pages this week. I was curious if a drop off would be seen in perceived quality of blogs under these stricter guidelines and we're starting to see a slowing effect as the topics seem to get fewer blogs written and fewer blogs promoted. It could be an off period with people going back to school, PAX, and other variables.

I'm only noticing a trend. Hopefully we'll see some primo content promoted next week. As I've mentioned earlier, I haven't really been in a reading mood. I couldn't tell you who is most deserved to be on the cover of our esteemed blog.

Also, I totally was going to do an article on Adapted for Flixist. It was going to be about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but I don't know where my trade is. So now I'm ripping my hair out going through all my comics...ALL OF THEM...trying to find it so I can accurately relate the two. However, it's all for not. Worst part is I think I lent it to somebody and now I'm going through a checklist of the potential thieves that I need to call.

I also was kicking around some of the other films adapted from Alan Moore's works, but I only actually own LXG as it's the only film I liked enough to buy in a dollar bin. Though Johnny Depp is sooo Johnny Depp in From Hell.

In essence I'm either stuck with a movie and no trade or a trade and no movie for every single film. It's driving me nuts. This is why people have Netflix! To write blogs. I had some ideas of doing a comparison piece between the terrible Vanilla Sky and it's superior inspiration Abre los Ojos, but this other stuff has been crippling my mind. I'm literally kicking myself for passing up that musing as it really is such an easy one to do.

Also also, I'm totally anti-social so I literally have nothing at all to write on the Dtoid one this week. Unless any of you want to hear how my 2 year old has learned to play LittleBigPlanet aka "Puppet."

Pictured: not me. Also, awesome.

So that's been my week. Arthritis is flaring up in my left ankle so I now have a Cankle on one side. It hurt for like two days and now it's just a blob of low mobility. Not a big issue, as the pain is non-existant, but it just looks odd.

In total, I think I only sold about $150 in product today (which is the same price as a $50 ticket on stubhub 2 days after they go on sale), but small businesses have days like that on half days. At least the rest of the week treated me right.

Well that's all I have on my mind right now. All you people that descended upon the city of Seattle better be posting some cool blogs this upcoming week. I want to see some stuff. Funktastic in particular is bound to have some serious shwag.
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