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The Contest: Bad News

I've been seriously considering this, even since I extended the deadline, but I have finally decided. The contest shall be cancelled. I know I had only just increased the deadline, but the lack of response to the post, along with the lack of any entries up to it have lead me to this decision. That does not mean that Mr Manasteel (The only person who posted a blog) will walk away with nothing, however. For his attempt, I will send him no less than two games. As to what these two games are is something we will discuss.

As for the copy of Catherine: Well, that might be something for another contest. I'm not sure (I might even send it to him anyway).

I'm sorry for the bad news, as I really wished there were more entries. I truely hope no one is too let down by this. I sincerely hope the next contest I hold will be more entertaining.
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