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Ever Notice How...facial expressions are often neglected?


'Scuse me, Mr. Jensen, but did you notice that you are currently punching through a fucking wall?

That's a screenshot from the latest Deus Ex trailer (apologies for the low-res). Jensen is punching through a wall, as you can tell by his arm and fist. But his face? He might as well be watching another episode of the News Hour with Jim Lehrer. I mean, I know he's supposed to be cool and badass and what not, so maybe he just doesn't give a flying fuck because punching through a wall is old hat to him. But...I would expect to see a slight wrinkle in his brow, maybe his mouth opens a little to revealing clenching teeth? Maybe that's just me.

I've noticed this disconnect in a ton of photo-realistic games, and it often takes me out of the immersion. Sports games are often guilty of this as well. Check out this screenshot from NBA 2K12:

I don't think that's how NBA players look when they're going for a dunk. "Yeah man, just another day on the court, going for a slam dunk. How's your kid doing in school?"

So, a simple message to all game developers making photo-realistic games: Please, don't ignore facial animation!
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