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Still Plugging Along with Xenoblade

Since I live in Japan, Xenoblade was on my top priorities of things to do when it came out last year. Unfortunately, life happened and left me with a crippled heart and (gasp!) no Wii! I had to purchase my own Wii to even begin playing the game again. *sigh*

Suffice it to say, I've been playing this game on and off, sometimes do to emotional instability and also frustration over high level monsters in comparison to my own characters. I often get bored or dislike leveling up for leveling up's sake. If I can go and explore and gain EXP that way, I'll be happy. Thankfully, in Xenoblade, you can do just that! Discover new areas, and you'll often be rewarded with a TON of EXP! Crap, I guess I should try and do some more quests... I've missed out on a bunch of quests because I prefer to advance further into the story than take a look at the list of quests that need to be completed before moving forward. Woops.

Right now I'm towards the end of the game; my characters are on Lv. 77/78 and it's difficult finding monsters on the same level or slightly above. Any monster that's on a slightly higher level than me will almost certainly kill me, every time. That's what's so frustrating. The second you gain one level, you'll be fine. (>_<) Patience, I know!! But I am not made of patience!! It is kinda fun seeing if you can successfully run away from a group of Lv. 95 monsters, though. heh ^^;

But even given the times away from the game, I always come back and I'm very happy to do so. I've always been a major fan of Monolithsoft and by the looks of things, I doubt that will ever change. <3

So how about this completely random, sporadic post, eh? Maybe I ought to sleep and think of something more intelligent to say next time. haha
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Since then, though, I have enjoyed games for multiple reasons, mostly because I love stories and characters...and games are the perfect way for me to experience the hard work and strife that the characters have to go through. It's fun and I feel like I can play a part in their story. It's a much better story than mine.

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