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News: Hasbro Regains D&D Rights, Neverwinter is Delayed


Neverwinter, Cryptic's hybrid coop/MMO entry into the licensed Dungeons and Dragons arena, has been delayed until "late" 2012. Wizards of the Coast, owner of D&D, published a press release announcing that the lawsuits and countersuits between Hasbro and Atari over the rights to publish D&D based video games have been settled. Wizards provided no further details regarding terms of the settlement, only that licensing has returned to Hasbro and that Atari will continue to publish several games under license from WotC and Hasbro.

Wizards also made note that Cryptic has moved the release of Neverwinter from end of this year to "late" 2012. Noting that Cryptic has recently been sold by former publisher Atari to Chinese MMO publisher Perfect World: "Perfect World will be investing in a more immersive experience for release in late 2012."

Cryptic's community manager commented on the developments on the official forums, saying "Perfect World, our new owners, have decided that they would like us to take more time to make Neverwinter a "more immersive experience". This doesn't mean that production on Neverwinter is stopping (The truth is the exact opposite). This doesn't mean that Neverwinter is being cancelled. This doesn't mean that Perfect World is taking over development and making a grindfest. This means Perfect World is allowing us (Cryptic) another year to work on the game, polish it, and release a better Neverwinter."
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