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The contest so far.

So, after giving it a month or so of time, it seems most people forgot about my little contest. Manasteel is the only one to post an entry, and I'm not sure if I'll allow it to count (due to it was a demo). In order to get a bit more support, I've revised the rules a bit more.

1. Must choose at least 1 title (preferably ones you have not played before).

2.Blogs should be in something that resembles a review format

3.Play until at least between levels 25-40, and try to sample as many features in the game as possible. This only counts for RPGs.

4.Scores are on a "is it worth my time?" scale

5.Can be submitted in multiple or just one post, your choice (like a journal of your experiences, but each post must be around 400 words)

6.Can use blogs other than destructoid to post, just link me to it

7.Must have screenshots of your avatar (so I know you played it. Include avatar name as well,and try to make it identifiable)

8.Video reviews can be submitted, but be sure to include at least some written content and proof of playing the game.

9.None of the F2P games from Steam can be used (that'd make it too easy.)

10.Can be from any of the F2P MMO genres (there are more than just F2P MMORPGs out there)

11.Say whether or not you plan to go back to the game, and if you'd recommend it to others (Be truthful. A yes is worth the same as a no)

12.Titles of entries should include "Free to Play or Free to Pass?" in them, as to help me recognize them.

13. Must be at least 1,000 words (if not doing the "journal" option).

14. Can submit multiple entries (at most, maybe 3 or 4).

15. No using multiple blog accounts (example: trying to get all the prizes)

16. No WOW/Warhammer.

17. Demos are an iffy subject. Typically, I'll say that they do not count.

I lowered the minimum level requirements a bit (now it is 25), and the deadline has also been moved to September 10th to give people more time. If you feel that you cannot reach the minimum requirement but feel that you've played enough of the game that it should count, then post the blog and add in a note that you did not reach the minimum level (as I might be able to make an exception or two).

Remember: The level requirements only apply to full blown MMORPGs. Other genres of MMO are of a different matter. 40 to 50 matches should suffice for MMOFPSs and racers. At least 5 of those matches should be put into each game mode other than the main one. Also, if the level cap for the RPG is lower than 25, then just just get to around 2/3 the maximum level at the least.

The prizes are only going to apply if there are more than 4 applicants. If there aren't, then a game of my choosing will be sent to all of those who bothered trying (not gonna leave those that tried without anything to reward their efforts).
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