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PC Review: Limbo

Limbo got released in July 2010, after a year Playdead decided to release it on PC and PS3, does it make a good port?

Limbo is a well known game for winning a series of indie prizes; it was launched in 2010 with Xbox Live exclusivity, in April 2011 Playdead Interactive launched on PSN and Steam.

Limbo has a simple premise, but a terrifying one (in a good use of the word). His immersion comes from visuals and simple effects, but somehow they managed to put a dark and sad feeling about it. It only uses two colors, black and white, but the gameís engine works heavily with lighting effects and a detailed background giving a wonderful sense of illusion and immersion of the real world.

The game has a 2-3 hours walkthrough (according to my Steam account) and you can make this worth more if you want to complete the achievements and kill some time.

The PC version itís really alike the Xbox/PS3 version and it didnít do any add-ons for this version. The game has a high review rate and won a lot of prizes. A lot of people loved it for itís terror, and some people hate it for the lack of dialogue. Iím in between these two opinions, I love the game but it didnít give me the passion to play it.

In the end Limbo makes a good adaption, but lacks some addĖons that could make a stellar game. Ports are PC gamers first worry when it comes to games releasing after itís console debut, and Limbo have the similarities of a PC Port. But this doesnít make a bad game, because the game is really awesome.

The game is really good and I think everyone should play it, but the PC version let me a little down. Limbo, the game, is definitely a buy on itís full 10 dollars price (on Steam), Limbo, the PC game, is recommended to get it on a Steam discount.

A overall score of 7,5
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