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Three years

Update:†It seems Iíve been lazy with a lot of the thanks, in fact, more recently Iíve discovered a few more places to thank. A thank you to the Critical Distance lot for featuring my ĎStory of Booneí, same goes for Gamastura and a special thanks to†samineru†over on Reddit for posting the same bloggins†(note: my username on Reddit is the same as my Twitter).

Jesus Christ.

Over three years Iíve spent writing professionally and quite frankly itís probably being the best decision Iíve ever taken in my life. Instead of milling about some minimum wage job when Iím in super-education Iíll be freshfaced writer guy freelancing the hearts of the internet and seducing every Editor ever. In other words, making the same amount of money but actually loving what I do. Sound alright to me I guess, though Iíd prefer all of that, you know, optimism us young lot are supposed to have.

So, yeah three years. Actually, not three years to the day, more like three years and four days actually, I released my new booky wooky on my three year anniversary and then took a few days off instead of writing Tears in Rain. Thatís alright though because Iím scaling back the pages on that thing, not because Iím lazy or ill-disciplined (I am), but because I was overly ambitious. Iím not Philip K. Dick í60 pages a dayí, Iím more of a Stephen King í2000 words a dayí and Iíd rather you actually get†my work instead of half of it. As such, Iím placing the amount of pages for Tears In Rain†at about 120 to 150 or so. All high quality stuff, well researched and it contains my face!

Three years Iíve been writing and Iíll probably never stop. I think Iíve always wanted to write in my life, no matter what it is, when I was a wee lad I wanted to write fiction and sail the seven seas of literature with novels under my belt. Iím not entirely sure that dream is dead, rather itís evolved, I wanted to be a writer and I will be a writer. Iíve been very happy to share my work, thoughts and opinions with you all these past three years and I hope to do it until the day I die.

A few special thanks to those who got me to where I am today:

- Scott DiMonda and Steven Artlip over at Platform Nation for giving me my first proper taste of professional writing. I can safely say I grew into what I am today through this community, I owe them, and everyone at Platform Nation, everything.

- Destructoid, Anthony Burch, Jim Sterling, Extra Credits lot for giving me inspiration across these past years and for being there to prod my brain in a different way of thinking about video-games.

- My mummy for not stepping on me.

- My friends and family for their undying support throughout these years and also for all the stuff they threw in my face. It helps, honest.

- Adam Stephen Kelly and Stuart OíConnor over at Screenjabber for offering me another, more British taste of the writing world.

- Adam Thomas over at The Gamer Studio for giving me a column spot and thusly boosting my ego. Update: Iím an idiot, why didnít I also thank Alex Martin for being one of THE best editors Iíve ever worked with in my life.

- Juan Houter, Joseph Byrne, Luke Murphy, Chris Beswick and Adam Stephen Kelly (again) for their internet friendship these past few years.

- N4G.com, Platform Nation commenters and all manner of people for calling me an Ďassholeí and making me feel better about myself given I realized I had the drive and will to do this thing.

- Destructoid CBlog community for the wonderful commenters who had constructive criticism, advice, encourage or anything worthy to say.

- WordPress for not banning my account when I said ďI donít rather like [x game]Ē that much.

- Everyone on my Spotify UK Playlists for supplying me with wonderful music.

- My Twitter followers, Facebook friends, Steam friends and everybody who ever followed me/stalked me.

- Most importantly of all: you. Youíre the reason I still do this, without an audience I would have given up a long time ago. Somehow a lot of people want to listen to some kid prattle on about video-games. Thank you, it means a lot to me to be listened to for once.

And with that, it is back toÖ Blade Runner.

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