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Still Hanging Around Space Cowboy? (NVGR)


So I think I got the schedule for this down. Every so often Iíll be posting this up hopefully finishing before August ends. The number of episodes I cover will be the number on each disk. This is disk number 2 out of 6 disks. If people donít want to read four more blogs following this Iíll probably squeeze more into a single blog, but regardless of whether I finish this blog series or not, I find myself writing these things in the late hours of the night on my own for fun anyways so itís really a fun thing for myself to do.

As always, spoilers.

Sympathy for the Devil

This episode is another memorable one in the entirety of the series mostly for its mystical background. This summary will have super heavy SPOILERS so I suggest you skip this one if you havenít seen it.

Who wants to live forever? I certainly wouldnít want that. If all of life is a race that we all lose then continuing to outrun it sounds like a nightmare. Itís the implications in the episode thatís really food for thought. Could you imagine a world in which youíve far outlived many of its current citizens and yet in the universal eye you are still a child? The dedication needed to continue surviving while having the burden of childhood chained onto you? Having to outrun and outmaneuver not death, not time, but human perception would be a never ending torture.

Iíd like to think in the end Cowboy Bebop is about freedom. Freedom from the past, freedom from the Earth, freedom from pain, and freedom from life. The idea of freedom is different for every one of us but weíre all looking forward to the moment in which we can take a deep breath and truly feel free from all restraints in this world.

Heavy Metal Queen

I really like this session. It has all the fun action sequences, explosions, and some clever jokes but if I were to analyze this session then I would have to state identity as the main theme of this one. The idea of who one is changes because a person continually grows. The me from 8 years ago is different from the me now but to dismiss that former ďmeĒ as a phase would be callous. Rather everything that I am, was, and will be are in essence ďmeĒ. Some people have trouble accepting that fact, that life is in pursuit of a singular identity buried deep within them and maybe theyíre right. In the end Iím just a lazy person who figures that wherever or whoever I am today is the real me. Just like how the character introduced in this session tries hard to cover up her past, she learns that it really doesnít change anything in the universe to deny her past.

Thereís a really cool sequence in some asteroid mines also.

Fun session though.

Waltz for Venus

Session 8 is a pretty melodramatic episode which was even lampshaded in the preview at the end of the last session. Following the new character of the week, a guy trying to do good by mistakenly getting involved with the bad and having to deal with said troubles in which the Bebop crew also get tangled in.

Iíll give it that it was a pretty endearing session, not one of my personal favorites, but fragile in a way. With the Bebop crew you see a sort of directionless atmosphere that could get oppressive but our new character this session has goals which he is close to obtaining and that sort of positive character trait is a refreshing break from stagnationÖyet this isnít really a happy series is it? People try hard to solve all their problems with a magic bullet but I think at this point itís safe to say that the only ones who have magic powers are either the devil or god and there are no such things as a Deal with God is there?

Jamming With Edward

ďNothing good ever comes from EarthĒ

It introduces Edward, go watch it.

But seriously I love the way this episode introduces Ed as well as introduces more cool sci-fi aspects into the show.

While searching for a hacker who carved similar drawings to those of the Nazca Lines, the Bebop crew are told to go on the hunt for a ďNet DiverĒ (Hacker) named Radical Edward. What they find ends up spelling trouble for the crew in the form of an outer space dogfight of sorts.

Of course there is a very strong current on the message of loneliness which seems to be an underlying theme throughout the entire series. A child with no family who tries to lodge herself into a new, seemingly more interesting one, an immortal whose isolation from the Earth and from humanity forces him to re-create a time he once felt welcomed, and the idea that loneliness can be cured through company. In the end, the earth is a really lonely place now and whatís the calling of an adventurer if not to go off and have adventures?

Ganymede Elegy

No, just wandering with some weirdoes

I used to think Jet had the weakest characterization out of the crew. He has a back story as a cop who lost his arm and a pretty strong code on what it means to be a man which he spouts occasionally. Then there came this session which I saw out of order so probably after seeing the antics of the rest of the crew and you begin to see that Jet is a character built on a solid foundation rather than uncertainty like his fellow crewmates, but that doesnít necessarily save him from the pain of the unknown.

He [Jet] returns to his home planet, the planet he used to be a cop and the planet he presumably lost his arm. He also lost his love here and maybe somewhere along that line his current emotions cemented, hardened, and built the Jet Black that now roams the stars as a member of the Bebop.

He returns home to find his old love to have moved on with a new man, but rather than any juvenile jealousy, he faces it with a sense of resignation. He had his chance and played the wrong cards, cíest la vie. But for a man who believes that a man needs to be strong and honorable, it hurts him to see his beloved to be entangled with a coward, a child by his standards. A dribbling, know nothing whose full of fear and uncertainty and the pain of how he, a man with strength, courage, and wisdom, could lose out to a mere child who lacks everything Jet has. Damaging to a manís pride to lose to a weaker man, but damaging to a manís heart knowing he has to hand over his love to a weaker man.
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