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Pressing ahead with my books. Free eBooks. Read them and weep, or not.


I have finished Volume Two, itís now printed off and super-ready for editingz. Lovely! Iíve gone over my projected page prediction and into the realms of madness with this thing. I genuinely believe that this thing holds some of my finest writing, and itís going to be available for free in less than two weeks time. Iím now going to kick into scrubby highlighting and giving myself notes such as ďYOU SHALL NOT PASS/PUT THIS ONLINE!Ē because Iím nice to myself. There are many things to get through in this post so, you should know that everything is on schedule and itís going to be great.

I shall start converting the book into Kindle format right now, creating a whole new document full of font changes and proper formatting designed to fit perfectly on to the Kindle. It will be beautiful and I hope it will be a lot better than my Volume One†Kindle Edition which was rather touch and go. The Kindle edition of Volume Two†will henceforth be referred to as the Prestige edition, trust me, it will be a lot better than Volume OneĎ Kindle Edition.†Speaking of Volume One, I have a little announcement to make.

I shall be re-releasing a re-mastered version of this book (in .PDF format) starting today†with a new fancy cover and probably some new edits in there from the Kindle edition conversion. Iím uploading it right now and it looks lovely with all new stuff andÖ yeah itís the same book, deal with it. You might be wondering why Iím calling it a re-mastering? Well, aside from the edits, I am re-branding the series with new covers and launching the proper format in Volume Two. As a special treat however, I will be releasing a proper, cared for Kindle edition of Volume One†on the one year†anniversary†of this thing (August 30th) because a year later is better than a year never.

The covers being re-designed is due to Juan having personal problems and my artist-guy FlashJB having other commitments. Instead, Iíve had to make these myself and I think itíll probably stick for the rest of the series. Volume One†is read because itís an imposing Ďsomething moreí, Volume Two†is green because itís all about our humble mediumís obsession with emulating cinema and Volume Three†will be blue because video-game journalism something something BLUEBERRIES. I hope to make the seriesí covers out of the primary and secondary colours because of their aesthetic appeal and MSpaint is shit.

Now, Tears in Rain, I am going to kill myself with this thing. Guaranteed. I am putting myself on a 15 page a day quota, exiling any distractions and pouring over literally thousands of pages of research in order to get this mammoth out. It will kill me, Iím sure of it, but I will deliver the full fat thick 300 pages from my dead hands. Production kicks off next week and I am incredibly excited.Oh, and you might get a special something in the ĎAbout the Authorí section of both books.

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