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Howdy Space Cowboy (NVGR)


Ballad of Fallen Angels

If you saw only the first two episodes of Cowboy Bebop and decided it wasn�t for you then you made a mistake. In fact, if you stopped anywhere before watching Session 5 Ballad of Fallen Angels then you stopped too soon.

Legendary, mind blowing, breath taking. Ask any fan which episode of Cowboy Bebop is their favorite and this is surely in the top 5.

Beginning with two criminal organizations ending the bloodshed between the two forces, the peace doesn�t last long with the appearance of a mysterious villain. What follows is a glimpse into the mysterious past of Spike Spiegel with its only purpose raising further questions. It unfurls to operatic heights of shootouts with gangs in a church reminiscent of Hong Kong action movies of John Woo (a personal favorite of mine actually). The wet dream of Quentin Tarantino on opium reaches penultimate heights in a beautiful end sequence.

And in the midst of all the violence are two quotes. �When Angels are forced out of Heaven they become devils.� and �I�m just watching a bad dream I never wake up from.�

There is a theme that I�ve been focusing on throughout my viewing of the series and it�s that without a sense of purpose in life, one is subject to a slow death. Finding a purpose in life is hard and maybe one can�t truly awaken until they find their calling. Perhaps the ennui of life is actually the feeling of death. Maybe all this talking means I shouldn�t be allowed a keyboard and access to the blogs.

If you enjoy anime but not fanatically, a passing curiosity with the Cowboy Bebop series then I suggest watching Session 5. The enclosed storyline of each episode in Bebop means you can jump into pretty much any episode in the series without prior viewing and Ballad of Fallen Angels may be just for you if you need a quick kick of some good action flick.

Well that�s the first 5 episodes of Cowboy Bebop. I don�t really know if I should continue or not but I do want some feedback for future references.
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