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The XBLAs and the PS... whatever they are games

Destructoid, you want to know what I like to play on my consoles. Well I'll just have to brush the dust off my memory and by that I need to boot up my consoles... Well the Xbox has decided to throw out an update so shall I start with the PSN download games? There's no update on that thing so lets roll with that.

Well here's the problem that I found with PSN download titles. I never felt all that settled on a lot of PSN games. Either because I bought them and moved out then found that without the internet I couldn't say I owned the games, yeah 3 months of looking at crazy Asteroids like title say you can only play the demo until you can prove you own this and not say it on the media bar was pretty annoying. It worked fine when I had internet elsewhere. But the game I enjoyed the most was Pixeljunk Shooter. Now that was a pretty interesting game when I managed to get it. I just loved how you could drain water onto lava monsters and murder them that way or be cruel in 2 player and shoot open a lava flow onto a friend's ship. It also looks like it's the only PSN title I have bothered to play through to completion. But even games I received for free to keep from PSN+ haven't been played through. Probably says something about me really but let's not get into that! I have not only finished it I have wanted to re-play it for 100% completion but I have to start over as my old PS3 died.

As for the Xbox as it's finally working again I immediately saw Geometry Wars 2 in my recently played. Yeah! That! I just loved that game so much I would be at a friends drinking and when they start to crack out the drugs before a night out in the town. I'd still be on the couch playing that, trying to get better at that rather than partaking in being broken down by peer pressure and doing what the 'cool kids do'. But having a few beers and shots in your system does slow my reactions down a tad too much to say I was improving.
I simply liked Geometry Wars 2 because Bizarre saw what they did with their previous version of Geometry Wars. Looked at keeping the original mode as close to the same as they could without making it completely identical but then building extra modes into it to give players new things to try. But it was just a lovely package of new games with the added cherry- Leaderboards! But they weren't just some leaderboards thrown together for the elite. Oh no. It lets you know who is your next friend that has a better high score compared to yours and that brought some massive rivalry against one of my friends until this year was beating me at just one of the games in Geo Wars 2 that he would gloat whenever he could see the scoreboards either at mine or at a friends even when his Xbox died. It made coming back to that game a joy as I can see other friends to beat but some have set a score so high I will need to play the game solidly for a few days to get the skills to beat them.

So that's my favourite games. Haven't really got any on any other console. Tried to think one for the Wii but I could never be fucked with Wiiware. I just like playing old console titles that never got released in the UK. Plus I haven't got more than a few DSIware games and haven't played them enough to make a serious decision yet.

Also going to do my Eve Diary again soon. Things are getting interesting in Eve standards but might not be for me. But will need the time to write that.
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