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I am not dead.

No, seriously.

I feel so guilty for not posting over here but the truth is: I am busy. I have just been on a three-day camping/hiking trip thing that nearly killed me, I'm trying to tidy up Up, Down, Left, Right - Volume Two ready for release (a post on that coming soon) and all the while trying to build up my discipline, routine and research for Tears in Rain. I have just posted Film Critique Corner over on my Flixist blog (yes, I do films, holy bells Batman!) and rest assured I will try and get down on to my normal scheduling of Saturday being Game Corners and Sunday being Film Corners.

I am not dead, I'm just more busy than I expected. I'll be releasing my fourth book in a few weeks, which is both frightening and exciting, along with reaching the three year milestone of professionally writing, also both frightening and exciting, so expected me to gush out with a long book release post or something.

I love you all so so much.


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