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Destructoid (comic book)

Recently I was thinking of doing a pretty interesting destructoid-related project. As you already know, I like to draw stuff. And I was thinking of doing a destructoid comic book series. But I think it would be too boring to read just my story, so I'm looking for other comic book artists or just people who like to draw. Together we can make several different stories and present it like a destructoid comic book compilation or something like that (you know, something like Animatrix or Batman Gotham Knight). Of course, only if you are interested in that kind of work.
I already started to work on my little story, in which Mr Destructoid as a detective trying to find out who and why is killing dtoid editors (I hope nobody will get offended). It is kinda like a mix of Blade Runner, Watchmen and Batman. I only did 2 pages of that, because at the moment I'm not sure if I would continue. After all, this comic is not my main project. It's up to you guys - if you like it, I would probably continue doing that. But I will need help of some dtoid editors, since they are involved in the story (of course, only if they are interested in doing something like that).
Oh, and guys, If somebody wants to do this compilation thing with me, let me know!

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