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Introducing Retro Fight Nights - Coming Soon!

From the company I keep here on Destructoid and beyond, gaming feels somewhat like a disposable hobby. Of course I know I'm not exactly exempt from this mentality but it seems pretty prevalent between the gaming community to, and allow me to quote a Foo Fighters song here, be "done, done, I'm onto the next one, done, I'm done and I'm onto the next". It's totally understandable, gaming is at a point where there are a ton of exciting and fun new titles coming to home console and PC. It really is ridiculous how good we have it as members of the gaming community. However have you ever wanted to revisit your favourite games of yesterday? Ever been upset to see that on the FNF it's always the latest iteration and not the "best" iteration of your favourite gaming series? That's where Retro Fight Nights comes in. Inspired by this front page post where a few people commented they had the game but never tried it's online, Retro Fight Nights are dedicated to the long forgotten, the ill concieved, or the classics we'd love to revisit with a few friends.

The Idea
For now the basic idea goes like this. I realize not everyone has the time to play video games alot, so the idea would be to try and plan something ahead of time for the month. Unless this becomes a wildly successful spin off event of the FNF, the Retro Fight Night or RFN would probably only happen once a month so planning a night both here and on the Forums would happen in advance to cater to as many people who are interested and can be available for the night. The RFN doesn't even have to stick to a static night but maybe it'll be best for those interested if it was, either way this will be where user feedback comes into play. So basically we choose a night and then choose times and games.

The Games, Rules & All
The only caveat I have for this is that the games themselves cannot being from THIS YEAR or any current year that may follow. So simply yes you can play a game from 2010 should you feel so inclined if it's a RFN from this year. Then next year 2011 opens up and so on depending on if this is something that will continue. Also again, since the idea is to discover the classics or hidden gems, you can't really choose games that are already heavily on the FNF rotation. For example Call Of Duty: Black Ops is a no, but Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a go. Halo: Reach I say nay but Halo 3 might be okay. Okay give me one more. Team Fortress 2 on PC really? How about Team Fortress 2 on consoles seals the dealie...oh...I'm never doing that again. (ironically 2 people have already suggested Team Fortress 2 on consoles for RFN). Also one more thing, if it's a re-release of a game that came out years ago coming out this year that's okay for the RFN too! We want to offer as much options as possible so long as it's not current.

Open To All Platforms & Games
Retro Fight Night is open to ALL platforms. PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii. I also encourage European section of Dtoid to join in....hell if Europe wants to make their own EURFN I'd be flattered at them taking my totally unoriginal idea and running with it. So again, platform doesn't matter since it's a single night it would be lumped into one post. I think my one major concern is is that if you can't have a shared experience with the game it might be difficult. I haven't decided whether Skype/Xbox Live Parties on Retro single player games is something to list as a hosting thing on here but again, feedback is appreciated on that end. Besides Dtoid already has stuff like Nostaljourney for a discussion based around nostalgic games, we're here to play them! Oh any game genre applies. Want to play some 2 player Contra? How about Street Fighter II? an old Warcraft 3? We don't discriminate, so long as you can share that experience with other Dtoiders.

The Night In Question...Your Feedback Welcome!
Now it's really up to you. What would be a good night for a round of Nostalgia based fun? Originally my thought was the weekend but the FNF already covers what's mostly accepted as a "yay! It's finally the weekend! I can play games!" night but alot of people usually end up wanting to do other things the rest of the weekend. So would a middle of the week night work better for everyone one? Would one consistent night during the month work better or a night that changes based on availability of the majority interested? Or was a weekend a better idea? Do you have a suggest for a night? What games do you want to play? Is this a bad idea? Do we have enough nights for playing video games? This will only be successful should we get a lot of people interested so do throw in some ideas and let's see what we can come up with.

[Note: All future RFN will be discussed and organized in the forums...mostly. Perhaps I'll try and generate interest here but I figure it'd be better if it reflected the efficiency of the FNF. Keep in mind also this is something independant of the FNF. So while they have their system set up, most of this will be done by me. Good thing it's only once a month eh?]

Thanks for your attention guys! Let me know what you think so we can either scrap the whole thing or begin setting up a night!

[Note 2: My banner skills suck. If someone wants to make something better, I won't hold you back]

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