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Find me online! (samples of my Twitter)

If you want to follow me on Twitter, you can find me @TheBedivere

If any of this is at all amusing to you, I keep this up all the time. This is just a few highlights from the past couple of weeks:

OH GOD YOU CAN MOD BALDUR"S GATE!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'll never sleep!!

I'm installing Baldur's Gate. Time to party like it's 1998!

For cavewomen they sure have great legs. #caveman

@Egg651 No, it's the massive amounts of other people that are doing it wrong.

So Crysis 2 was pulled from Steam, because EA wouldn't let Steam sell the DLC. They both blame each other. EA Y U NO SELL DLC ON STEAM!!!??

� ��� t�łk fūń��� L�l�

People Staring at Computers http://t.co/RzTYZ5g via @feedly

Merry Christmas!!! Oh, wait... am I too late?

I have a top-of-the-line, kick-ass, gaming PC. What did I play all night? Dark Forces. 1995 was a good year :)

Seriously, I wish that PC gaming wasn't dependent on Windows. If a day ever comes when I can game on LInux, I will never buy Windows again.

I could have installed 30 copies on linux by now. Linux on the PS2, linux on my PSP, linux on my girlfriend's laptop, linux on my ipod...

LINUX EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Steam took more of my money... those bastards!!! Why must they force me to buy cheap games? STOP MAKING ME CLICK GABE!!! #steamsales

Hegemony for 5 bucks?!?!? Yes please!

I wish i had a camera so I could tweet my face.

I think I just accidentally formatted the wrong drive partition... KHANNNN!!!!!!!!!

I'm So Meta, Even This Acromyn

I am writing a book, as a summer project. I think normal people go hiking or sit at the beach.
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About Joshua Derocherone of us since 10:05 PM on 06.30.2010

Josh is a PC gamer. He can usually be found flying around in EVE Online. He's been known to enjoy playing role-playing games like Dragon Age: Origins, Skyrim, and Planescape Torment.

Follow Josh on social networks, if you want.

He started out gaming on an old school Atari and a Commodore 64. Defender of the Crown was the shit back in those days. He would also play things like M.U.L.E, Carmen Sandiego, Summer Games, and Mars Saga.

Once he had his first Amiga, his fate was set to become a gamer. He mostly played point-and-click adventures from Sierra and Lucas Arts, but his other favorites were Empire, Lemmings, Future Wars, Buck Rodgers, and Battletech.

These days he also enjoys The Witcher 2, Mount & Blade, Titan Quest, Europa Universalis, FTL, Dungeons of Dredmoore, and LOTRO. He likes playing older games, because they are classics for a reason. He doesn't hop onto the latest thing just because the cool kids are playing it, and he believes that 90% of what's released these days is absolute crap.

Right now his home is right here on Destructoid. He has also done some writing for Front Towards Gamer and BitMob.

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Steam ID:Bedivere
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