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What's with all the hype for Dead Island?


Remind me again why everyone is so hot and heavy for this game? Oh my stars, another FPS style game with zombies. Yippee skippee. First and foremost, I'm so sick of zombie themed games. If you’re desperate for a hot theme to base your game on, look no further than zombies. It’s slowly becoming the gaming de facto. It’s almost a surprise when a game either doesn’t have zombies, or at least has zombie themed DLC. Just get it over with and release a 3-D zombie game. Kill two fads with one stone.

Now can we back up the hype train and look at the most important factor no one, besides a few folks, have really focused on: the developer. Dead Island is developed by Techland. Techland? Seriously, this is the game company who will usher in a new era of orgasmic gaming? Let's take a quick look at Techland's illustrious resume of games:

Crime Cities
Speedway Championships
Pet Racer
Pet Soccer
FIM Speedway Grand Prix
Xpand Rally
Chrome: SpecForce
GTI Racing
Crazy Soccer Mundial
FIM Speedway Grand Prix 2
Xpand Rally Xtreme
Call of Juarez
FIM Speedway Grand Prix 3
Nikita: Tajemnica Skarbu Piratow
Speedway liga
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
Call of Juarez: The Cartel
Dead Island

The only thing worth half a damn is the Call of Juarez series. Even that is a mediocre romp through FPSville lost in the shuffle of much better FPS titles. The rest is utter drivel or yet more mediocrity. Wait, nail'd wasn't too bad either. Though compared to what else is offered in the racing genre, it's nothing to write home about. Tell me what game from that list screams "AAA developer here!" I can hear it now, "What, the developers of Pet Racer are making an open world zombie themed FPS! Hot diggity dog, count me in!"

So this is the developer who's garnered all this hype and praise? Am I missing something? Oh right, it's a zombie game and it's "open world" so the hype train has come into the station ready for the gaming elite to board.

Well choo choo my friends. I for one couldn't care less about this title. In a day in age when venerable developers such as Treasure and Platinum Games have amazing games glossed over by the general public, such as Sin & Punishment: Star Successor and Vanquish respectively, it marginally pisses me off to see this no name mediocre developer get the attention and praise for a tired worn out concept.

Now I may be wrong. This game could warp the space time continuum with it's pure awesomeness, cure all diseases known to man, and give Ashlee Simpson the voice of an angel. But as a betting man who looks at the odds, it's very doubtful. There are a lot of great ideas the developer has implemeted into this game, but just like I wouldn't trust Dick Cheney to bring about world peace, I'm not looking to Techland to pull this one off.

The lowest common denominator wins again.
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