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Review: L.A. Noire


As clues start to become easy to find and interrogations only seem to do you right half the time, the experience becomes assimilated into watching your character solve mysteries, with the odd action sequence and choice of following a lead. Again, itís not necessarily bad. Itís just so unique, itís something that I honestly thing everyone needs to experience, maybe only for the reality bending graphics or perhaps the stupendous story and pacing. Itís unlike any game before it, at least, any game Iíve played before. I love it, even if it sometimes it betrays me in the interrogations and the story, or even if itís a bit too easy. Itís so enormous as well. 1950s L.A. is stunningly recreated with real landmarks and a huge amount of collectibles like film reels and hidden cars. Not everyone will like it. But everyone needs to try it. I canít possibly give the game a score, either. Itís a yes or no, really. I say yes, but again, not everyone will. Despite that, the game easily deserves a look by every nerd worth his salt. Hell, it might be really fun for casual players too, considering the wavering difficulty. So, for like, the third time, you really really really need to check out L.A. Noire. Itís not always a great game but itís a REALLY good experience.

On a side note, get the Rockstar Pass for all the DLC. The extra cases are worth it, they are fun and fit in seamlessly into the game, which is to be expected from Rockstarís high level of quality. I also recommend that you rent the game. As I said, the replay value gets low within the gameís heavy focus on story. However, Rockstar is clearly working on consistently providing DLC content, with a new case out just next week, so if you loved the game just as much as I did when you first got into it, and you are willing to invest some more bones, itís fully worth your cash.

As always, Iím bad at conclusions. See you next time internet.
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