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Should Xenoblade and Last Story come to NA?

I love RPGs. A few of my top favorite games of all time are RPGs (#1 being FFX, #2-#10 being TWEWY [because I'm not too sure which number I'd assign it]). I can barely finish any unless they really pull me in though. I've heard a lot more about the Last Story than I have Xenoblade, to be honest, and Last Story sounds incredibly interesting. It sounds a lot more open than some other RPGs I could possibly mention, and I like that. But do I think they should come here?


I say yes as a fan because I love RPGs. I wouldn't say no to at least trying a new game. I feel as though I've missed out on a few RPGs, and quite a few of them just didn't cut it for me. I'd like more RPGs like FFX to give me that huge-world feel and have everything alive within it. Xenoblade and Last Story might just do it for me. As Jim Sterling said in one of his jimquisitions, having the lack of graphics means RPGs have to have something that RPGs with outstanding graphics don't. And what's better than a huge, open world to explore?

I don't mind the weaker graphics than the PS3 or the 360's HD. It really gives developers the incentive to reach beyond graphics to what really created gaming at the roots; The core gameplay.

I say no as a spectator. I feel as though the main reason the Wii hardly gets any sales on the more mature games are because of piracy. You figure, if you make a game targeted towards 13+, they could probably hack their wii. It's not too hard, and most of the risks are fixable. I hacked my wii for the sole purpose of emulating games where the developers could no longer make a profit off of it (e.g. NES, Snes, N64 games not playable via Wii shop). But it's incredibly easy to hack your wii. There is even an app for the wii that tells you what you need to fix/hack, and then hacks it for you.

PS3 went crazy over pirates, tracking them down, going after the first person to hack it. Xbox 360 bans people from Xbox live who pirate. Nintendo sends out easy-to-avoid updates that do not harm your console, but instead remove the hacking software from your console (which can easily be reinstalled). Also, Nintendo uses simple DVD-Rs, which is easily found. Xbox 360s can use DVD-R DL, which are a bit more rare, then Ps3 uses blu-ray discs which are quite expensive and the download times for games can be outrageous. (Imagine downloading a game like FF XIII)

All in all, I don't really want Xenoblade and Last Story on the wii. Because if they fail (which I would predict), it just discourages localizing games and bringing mature games to the wii. The wii's lifespan is just about over, true. But still, it'd be sad to see these games crash and burn because of piracy.[img]
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