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Weekly Update and Move Announcement

For the next week or so, I'll be in the process of moving to a new place and spending some time temporarily out of commission as I catch up with work and the moving process. It's been extremely stressful and time-consuming. I've been trying to keep things sane, but, it's a crazy transitional time period right now.

So, I'm just going to give you the quick rundown of all the news I've skimmed over in the last few days of note to me.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that video games are protected under free-speech, knocks-out California law banning sale of violent video games to children: Read the ruling here (PDF).

Ben Kuchera of ArsTechnica writes about how the Supreme Court ruling Monday benefits Activision, even though they didn't contribute to it: Read his article on ArsTechnica.

CCP writes up an apology and summons the CSM to talk about the massive upheaval over the last week with Eve Online: Read about it on Evenews24.

Jim Sterling posts a new episode of Jimquisition on The Escapist and discusses why Metacritic isn't actually to blame for it's woes: Watch the video.

HiRez Studios releases gameplay footage for Tribes: Ascend, which it announced it was developing in March of this year: Watch the video on YouTube via Machinima.

LulzSec says it only intended 50 days of mayhem before, and now says it was because they're bored: Read about it via Huffington Post.

That's some of the more important news that caught my eye over the last several days. Some of these are big stories, especially the Supreme Court ruling. Some people are calling it validation of "games as art," but, I think we all already knew that. The medium has been maturing over the last 20 years, and it shows. I don't think we really need any additional validation on that specific topic. However, I am going to celebrate it myself with some violent video games of my own! Killing Floor comes to mind!

However, I do have some plans for write-up articles after the move. Particularly about a few game titles that we could see coming in the future and why now is a good time for those games to see daylight. Quite some time ago, PC Gamer wrote a short post on Relic making an announcement on a new RTS in August. I think we could see a Homeworld related release, but that's purely speculation and hope on my part more than anything.

Anyway, I have to wrap up, but hope to be back soon. Exercise your first amendment rights and play some games!
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