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A look at EdenEternal.

One day, a friend of mine sends me an IM saying that she just got an e-mail that Aeria Games, the same publishers from a game we use to play together Shin Megami Tensei Online:Imagine, was holding a beta for a new MMO. After doing a little digging around, the most interesting thing that stood out to me about it was that you could change your character class at any point you wanted to after you unlocked that class. So we decided to jump in, and what we would find would be a fairly generic free 2 play MMORPG with a charming art style that was actually fairly entertaining.

All in all, both my friend and I had fun with what we played of EdenEternal. It felt a little generic, yes, but it also felt well polished enough, and with enough of a unique hook to keep us interested. I say this, and we didn't even get to see other features like the unimplemented races(as you can only choose Humans atm), or player run towns(as we never joined a guild that could make one). The game is now in open beta, and I urge you to check it out here if you happen to be looking for a new MMO to play.
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