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CCP's "Stay the Course" - I think this might be a bad idea

So if anyone has been watching the PC gaming news for the last few days, you might have heard that CCP, developers of Eve Online and the upcoming Dust 514, has released it's newest Eve update, Incarna. This has created quite a bit of turmoil and a lot of angry players rage-quitting.

And for good reason, too! What is essentially a piece of $70 DLC for an MMO is a bit outrageous.

I like Eve. I've played it many times and quit many times. It's a hard game to get into if you haven't actually played it. The learning curve is a god damn brick wall and it's hard to establish yourself anywhere in the game. But I think that this is a really bad move for CCP.

Apparently, I'm not the only one, either. Thousands of Eve players have begun participating in protests (and anti-protest protests) to show their disdain for the developers have released. The trade center in Jita as well as other systems across Tranquility are being ravaged by players who are raging over this new system.

And CCP's response?

In a company email titled "ccp ceo global msg sent today" as currently being displayed on http://www.evenews24.com (at the time of this writing), this is "predictable behavior" and that the playerbase is simply risisting change.

Now, I'm all for a company trying to increase revenue and expand to better support their users... But they have to actually be trying to offer a better experience for their users in the process. CCP, however, looks more like they've looked at Activision and said "THAT'S A GREAT F*KING IDEA! LETS ACT LIKE THAT!" and have gone around and done the best they can to implement greed & grievance in as decisive a manner as possible.

They've also made the following statement out of the same email: "After 40 hours we have already sold 52 monocles, generating more revenue than any of the other items in the store." Now, I'm only speculating and adding my opinion here, but I'll go out on a limb and say that they've likely lost more subscriptions than they have sold monocles. Which makes you wonder just how profitable this whole clusterfuck is going to be in the long run.

CCP really seems to have underestimated it's customer base, here. It will be interesting to see how this develops over the next several months.
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