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10 reasons why I'm fucking mad dick excited for Bioshock Infinite

I was a late-comer to the Bioshock universe, I had heard about it and simply dismissed it but when I finally got myself a PS3 slim I decided to give the game a go. That for me was the best gaming related decision I ever made, for me it truly is the best game I have ever played and I could seriously write shit tons of essays on why I love it so much, and could also write a 10 reasons list on why Ken Levine should totally be my best friend.

But getting back on track, last year Bioshock Infinite was announced and I basically went shit nuggets crazy. Ever since then Irrational Games have been giving us small details here and there and quite recently we've been given a huge insight to this new game.

It may be due for 2012 but I already can't wait, I also can't wait to make a list on why I'm so excited for it and why you should be as well.

10. Because it has an environment like no other

Now part of the reason why the original Bioshock was so popular was thanks to the unique environment it brought with it. The underwater city designed with a beautiful art deco style but left torn and destroyed by the warped citizens. It truly was a place unlike any other we had seen before and Bioshock Infinite looks set to be no different.

The biggest problem with Bioshock 2 is a lot of the magic felt lost, we had explored Rapture before and visiting it again didn't provide many new experiences. So IG have gone and taken the concept high into the sky, a beautiful floating city! A whole new wonderful and incredibly intriguing place to explore and you won't just be kept on the ground of it.

Seriously watch some of the interviews of him scattered across youtube and you'll see that he knows what the hell he's doing. I trust that this man is going to deliver possibly the best game of 2012, and I can't wait to find out what he's got planned for the PSVita.

Still not convinced he's not awesome? Then maybe Jonathan Holmes word shall change your mind! GO WATCH!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my list or at least gained a greater interest in this game. (I also apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes, grammar is my weak point so point out any corrections.) I can imagine I sound like an extremely hyped fan boy but I love this series and not just Levine's work, but all the guys who help make these games happen. Irrational Games, you are my babe.
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