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The Real Truth About Why You Hate Reviews PERIOD!

I commented on the destructoid review guide. Admittedly at first just a quick simple response. But, then. I could not help but have my mind run wild on why I know for me, and how it seems for many, as to why we hate it when a game we like receives a bad score. That is below, with some new additional thoughts:

I understand as a gamer, the need to feel aggravated when you have waited 2 years on the hype train for the game you just bought, to have it suck the big one. But, i believe the dissatisfaction when reviewing needs to be left at the door. Reviews should be, unbiased. Not console bias or anything like that. I mean the reviewer should not rant about what was wrong and why they hated it so much. They should outline the good, the bad and the ugly. But say why it is wrong, how it affects the game entirely, or momentarily. Difficulty should never be a mentioned issue in my mind. As that is absolutely bias to ones own ability and does not reflect a product at all! This is one thing that makes me want to rip my own eyes out, when a reviewer adds 'over the top difficulty' or something along those lines to why a game scores lower. Reference for Destructoid: inFAMOUS 1. The snipers from the rooftops.....they said ridiculous.....i saw no excessive difficulty. I believed them to be easily manageable. Just a point though.

Also, learning curves. Mention it, but it should also never be a a mitigating factor to the score, just like difficulty (as they are quite one in the same). When i see learning curve talked about heavily or even lightly in a review and then leads to a negative impact on a games review score, i believe it to be absolutely unprofessional and abysmal! As some gamers are better tailored to their favourite genres. 'The fight mechanics have a steep learning curve and can be tricky to master, resulting in a lot of unneeded deaths' or something along those lines (that is just an example not a quote) is ridiculous to have any effect on a games score. Some would have picked it up in a flash! Some not! It is no representation of a games quality!

You see, I believe most of us today reading this site (as i have come to notice a lot of the members are actually adults, or at least the ones commenting) have one thing in common. We grew up in a certain era. Videogames were nurtured, loved and beautifully crafted in our chipper adolescence. The feel of sitting in front of that old tube tv, blowing into the cartridge again and again till the screen lights up with the logo we want to see. We sit back (though usually forward) focused our eyes and we played a game, a story, a chapter in our lives till our hands bled, our eyes sagged and our minds caught ablaze in the chemistry of light, sound and fun in front of us, controlled by us. We didn't care if we could do everything, just WHAT we could do. Was there a secret behind that wall? Only time, patience and an undying passion would tell. We did not complain we had to blow in the cartridge! We did not care the graphics were not the same as another game! Strong point for companies that are still like this are: Blizzard and Steam. They say it will be done when its done, and it is! It is also usually a very thoroughly enjoyable experience for most. Because they nurture their games and take the old school humble, dedicated approach to making games.

But today, our glorious past time is, and forever will be: Popular (fiendishly so). Gone are the days of a game being made until it was ready! Excessive deadlines, some of the most low, corporate bullshit to ever be seen, and the never ending want for money! MONEY MONEY MONEY! A game is churned out quicker then butter, and reserves as much taste as the aforementioned spreadable, salty, plain and wholly unenjoyable.

So we search. We search for THE console, we search for THE game/series we want to try and rekindle the glory days in our minds. So when we finally make our decision, shell out the needed money, we sit and we....well do we enjoy? I have found myself in many a situation where i have been encapsulated by hype, the want for this to be the game that brings back my joys of gaming! Anything, and when the game does not deliver, I do what any normal person would do.....I lie to myself.

The game is good I think, oh hey so sometimes i have to do this little trick to make the controls actually work, reptitive you say? Gosh no, I cant think of one thing....Oh yeah that mission you have to do 15 times every 4 hours? Thats consistency not repetition....

The people who get the angriest in the comment threads are people who already own the game. So why are you looking at a review? Because you want to assure your purchase, the money you spent, you want to make sure everyone else agrees!

But, when they dont. There will be hell to pay. It is like showing someone your house and them saying 'hate the front door, hinges dont work, windows get light at times...but most the time you wont get to enjoy it and the floor creaks in this one room everytime you walk on it, its infuriating. Ummm....i rate your house a 5/10' Do you smile and nod? Fuck no! 'GET THA FUCK OUT MA HOUSE THEN!' You say!

It should be no new news to anyone to say: Insecurities of some (mainly referring to purchased products) on the internet is insane! People go on the internet to search reviews to make sure what they purchased was good. Too much that one is too concerned what others think! Classic psychological profiling, but, it has to be seen to be realised.

I hope I have done some good, maybe people will get majorily pissed at this, or maybe some will realise it is true and change their ways. Some will disagree, and of course. But all I ask if you don't agree is: Then why do you get so mad when someone else doesn't like the same things as you?

If you love it, love it. Fuck what anyone else thinks. But, if they don't like it. Do not think you will in anyway change their mind. Everybody thinks differently. If everyone thought the same we would all probably be listening to Justin Beieber and enjoying it and I think we can all be thankful, that is not the case.
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