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F2P Steam Games Review

Steam has finally introduced free-to-play games to steam. There were some free mods before, but these are actual games made by other companies. They all strive off of a Pay-For-More model, where you just pay for extra stuff. Sometimes that can be a bad thing (I'm looking at you, Combat Arms) and sometimes it can be a godsend (Cabal). So what's with these games?

Forsaken World

Forsaken world feels a LOT like WoW. And I guess you could probably see that coming, as that's what many developers feel to be the only way to compete in the MMO market. The only thing I really see different is the art style not feeling so cartoony. The game works, pretty much, exactly like WoW. You get quests that are brought up on little pieces of parchment, you go collect the loot for the quest, then you return. Then when you have no quests, you just grind until you do.

This isn't saying Forsaken World is a bad game, it's just been done before. Several times.

So how do I review a game by calling it something else? Chances are you've either seen or played WoW, so I don't really know where to go on from here. Except to describe WoW.

The combat is done by double-clicking on a monster, and letting it work its magic until the enemy is dead. If you want to deal a bit more damage in a quicker amount of time, you push a number key assigned to a ability. The ability does more damage than a regular attack (if the ability is combat-related).

I mentioned Champions Online being bad, while this is WoW and it isn't bad. Why? Champions online took WoW, tried to make it superheroish, and failed. The graphics were almost gag-worthy, it was like playing cheesy low-budget title. Forsaken World is WoW minus the cartoonish graphics while still being what WoW kind of is. Also, Champions Online takes away from the superhero-ish experience by making several superhero abilities have to be paid for. Forsaken World has a cash shop, but their primarily boosts, and therefore, do not take away from what the game is.

It's really, really WoW without the fee and cartoonish graphics.

Global Agenda

I played this game a little bit when the free agent was released. I'm not going to review it though, so I apologize. I figure this area of the blog should be why I didn't play much of Global Agenda.

Honestly, I had no idea what to do. Nothing pointed me anywhere, and I was dropped into the middle of some technological fortress. I wanted to go blow stuff up. I was all alone. I didn't know how where when to what to get to. So I just kind of turned it off.

In conclusion...

A.V.A. Is a good pick-up-and-play game but its appeal doesn't last too long. After a short bit, it just feels like another shooting game. The Escort mode is the only thing different about this shooting game.

Champions online is a mediocre super-hero game that doesn't focus on much of what made games like City of Heroes good. The customization isn't as deep as it should be, most of the interesting abilities have to be bought, and the overall choices on powers are just cliché. You can control fire, you can control ice, you can be buff, you can be good with weapons, it just all feels done before.

Spiral Knights is a fantastic co-op game that I would easily recommend to anyone. However, I can't help but feel like after a while, I'll leave it for it being too repetitive.

Forsaken World is WoW 2.0

Global Agenda is too confusing for me.
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