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Hey Guess What? ... EA's F**KED!

So after posting that piece of crap last week, that I called a blog, I headed to the mountains of Tibet, became a Buddhist monk while living in a cave to find myself and the answers to the universe.

After 83 years, I still had no answer, went back to England, built myself a time machine ( don't ask how I made my body reverse) and headed back to right now. While travelling through time, I found the answers to the universe, lost them again, and then found them in the form of Harry Partridge's animations. They are awesome. So with the answers to the universe in my knowledge I set about writing a new blog post. This was what I came up with.

Origin. Where do you start with Origin?

For those who have been discovering the Lost City Of Atlantis and have not had internet access, then it is my sad duty to tell you that EA have decided to release their own digital distribution service, that was known as EA Download Manager. Well actually, they released this service a while ago, but nobody really even noticed it. I only had it because i bought Dead Space 2.

Now what's weird is that gamers have grown up with EA. FIFA, Harry Potter, Need For Speed, Dead Space, Battlefield, Command and Conquer, Crysis, Jane's Combat Series, LOTR, Sims, the list goes on and on. They have a very impressive resume.

Yet EA are regarded in gaming, as "The Evil Empire". And to be honest, it's not hard to see why. In there early years, they spent money buying up small developers and then drastically changing their products. Now in their later years, it appears they are doing everything to cheat people out of money and content. Origin seems to be the final straw ( I'm talking in terms of PC gamers).

This is where EA has to be honest, screwed itself. They are going up against the Steam. Valve's friendly, and lets face it, awesome, digital distribution service. Steam though, has evolved into something more than a digital distribution service. It is more of a hub for PC gamers to congregate (AND WORSHIP THE GREAT GOD VALVE!!!).
Okay, but seriously Steam has videos, friend service, groups, clans, organised events, competitions, ridiculous sales, they even have your own personal wishlist for upcoming or past games and now, linked with the PS3, they have cross console access.

Origin has retail prices. And a basic friend and chat system.

My first real bad experience with EA and the DLC for Dead Space 2. (Please note I have only started serious gaming about a year and a half ago, up until then I just had a PSP and a DS.) EA had released their DLC packs (Harzard, Supernova and Martial Law, I think) were roughly costing around 360MS points each. But it get worse. They then said the PC would not get it. Then one genius actually unlocked the content. ON HIS PC. So EA had locked it for no reason.

After several hundred complaints, EA released a "patch". With only half the stuff the hack came with. Finally, they didn't even release the DLC "Severed" as an apology,

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't have used this photo, but I'm using it to portray a point. EA are like that one greedy, stingy fat kid you had in school. The one that wanted everything, but gave nothing.

EA produce repetitive games and cheat people out of money, and all they do is leave a trail of average reviews, disgruntled gamers, and just absorb more and more money into their fat greedy bellies.

The saddest effect that Origin has on me is the Star Wars : The Old Republic. It is going to be an Origin exclusive.

This is a very sad day for my Star Wars part of my brain.
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