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Phone Lime

I'm going to try to do this thing where I write e-mails to my friends in an attempt to have more meaningful exchanges with people I know and care about but do not have much occasion to speak with. This would be instead of sort of casually keeping tabs on them via Facebook status updates.

No one likes to be called on the phone anymore, including myself. Yuck. Fucking phone. It's as if everyone has issued the ultimatum, "you send me a text or a Facebook public wall post." E-mail is no longer fashionable. "If you have anything to say to me, you can say it in front of every fucking person we know."

I miss being excited by the sound of a ringing phone instead of terrified that I might have to carry on a 5 minute conversation with someone I would normally love to talk to.

One of the first people I e-mailed was my locker partner form my freshman year in high school. He responded with a shortly albeit friendly e-mail saying he would love to catch up, and asked me to call him this weekend.

Fucking phone.
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