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The Video Game Micro Review

My friend talked me into doing something I never intended to do for the gaming community Ė write game reviews. There is no shortage of game reviews to find, whether professional or amateur. I donít like giving scores to games, as they can easily be misconstrued. I prefer content and context, which is why Iíd rather talk in depth about a game on my podcast than write 1,000 words breaking down a game (thatís not a judgment, itsí just my preference).

On the contrary, I am a big fan of being succinct (one of my favorite words). I love trying to encapsulate something in a clear language that is brief and to the point. As someone who is continuously trying to increase my writing skills, I decided to do a different version of game reviews at my friendís behestÖ

"The Micro Review"

it's a micro review, not a micro game

My mission is to write a pithy, clever, and succinct review of a game in 1 Twitter post. Iím allowing myself 140 characters to summarize a game (actually less w/ the hashtag). Vocabulary will not be elementary forum trolling like ďSUCKS!Ē and ď[email protected]#[email protected] AWEOMSE! Of course there are nuances that will be missing in this limited format, but the micro reviews should be at least somewhat informative, descriptive, and mostly entertaining.

I wonít post them here on the C-blogs, as itís not really the place for them. If you are interested in reading them, I advise you to follow me on Twitter (@jessedvorak). I plan to do 1 each week or so. I will likely include older games as well, so I have more to pull from. If you feel like joining in let me know. Weíll go with the hashtag #microrevu (i.e. microreview Ė I need those extra 2 characters!)

if you don't use Twitter, feel free to join the GATTACAST Facebook page (URL on the sidebar). I'll also post them there.

Example of micro review #1:

LA Noire: pinnacle 4 smart/mature VG story w regrettable reminders- itís still just a game. 1 foot fwd for VGs/1 foot stuck in GTA#microrevu

Infinity Blade: The Dark Fantasy version of Mike Tysonís Punch Out! features the best graphics youíll see on iPhone #microrevu

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