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Why I Hate Nintendo

I have been very vocal about my hate of Nintendo. I thought I would point out why. Let's turn the clock back to the 1990's, during the golden age of Nintendo which I would like to attribute to the Nintendo 64.

Great games, which transported me to epic worlds and provided hours upon hours of fun. I used to play StarFox64 twice a day during the peak of my obsession with it. I moved forward, never turning to look at Sony or Microsoft's consoles, because Nintendo made me happy.

The Gamecube came, and I bought it. Played what they delivered to me on that console, but real life matters (read: high school) forced me to give up on gaming for a while.

Fast forward to my college years: The Wii! A revolutionary new motion controlled console which had great potential! Yes! I was excited out of my mind.

I was disappointed

Got myself an Xbox 360, loved the hell out of it even as it started red ringing on me, because it actually had exciting games such as Halo and Gears of War! Gritty, over the top set pieces with tons of challenges and engaging stories the kind I have never seen with Nintendo! It didn't take long to realize the fact that Nintendo really didn't provide too many games that would have interested me, and with the Xbox 360, I found myself with access to an impressively larger library of games to pick and choose from.

Eventually got a PS3, and enjoyed all my consoles thoroughly, believing I was above any fanboy squabbles simply because I had all consoles in my living room, perpetually hooked to my then brand new HD television. My gaming setup was beautiful. I was happy.

The problem came when the Wii started catering to more casual audience. At first I didn't mind because hey, I loved myself some Super Smash Bros. and Fire Emblem from time to time. I was set.

I kept my Wii, simply for the sake of continuing to play this game:

Waiting for more games for the Wii through 2009, 2010 and now 2011, I don't even remember the last game I purchased for a Nintendo console. Yes, I do keep looking for some, because I believe it isn't useful to me without, you know, new exclusives that I would be interested in.

This year was the last straw, the announcement of the Wii-U killed Nintendo for me, because it clearly states what direction they plan to take it. Why would they name it after a console that alienated their core audience, unless they plan on continuing to alienate them.

It isn't the first time I said Nintendo's dead to me, and it won't be the last. I'll keep watching and hope they actually get their act together and give me something that would make me excited.
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