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Gamers helping gamers

I make it an effort to provide sound advice to oblivious gamers when making poor purchasing decisions. I spend effortless time reading game previews and reviews from my handful of reputable critics to decide whether a specific game is worth my time and/or money. And I feel that it is my responsibility to help other gamers who don't have a clue of what games are worth buying or not. Is this wrong? Should I be the person who stands around the video game aisle providing unwanted advice or recommendations.

Many moons ago, I used to work at EB Games. It was easier to provide advice, because customers expected the customer service representatives to be knowledgeable about the products they sold. Perhaps that trait is ingrained into me to feel the need to help those who don't think they are in need.

For example the situation the other day. I found two young adult gamers examining Duke Nukem Forever. Assuming they have no knowledge about the expectations of the game, they are probably going by the reputable title, protagonist and cross that with the marketing screenshots, to them this must be a well-worth purchase. But personally knowing how poorly the game did, despite my experience and refusal to play with the game attempted to desuade them from purchasing it. They looked over at me and walked off without question, with DNF in hand. Later as I was leaving the store, I noticed the completed their transaction, because I saw DNF in through their shopping bag. I thought to myself, did I fail in warning them about this game? And then again, they might go home and think that this is the best game in the world.

I might be shooting myself in the foot for feeling that I am doing society a favor by denying them the ability or opportunity to make their own mistakes and learning from them. If they were so concern on what they wanted to buy, then it must not be my place to tell them otherwise. I'm sure there are countless times in the past when someone provided me sound advice and I blew them off, thinking "you're not my mother."

I just feel that I'm doing a good deed about telling them what is a worthwhile purchase, while at the same time I feel like maybe I should shut up and mind my own business. Who am I to tell you what you should or should not get. It is your loss not mine.
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