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"I'm a Marketing Tool" (a.k.a. "Core Gamer")

Something I've been trying to wrap my head around lately is the 'Core Audience' pride that I see going round and round videogame blogs, comments, message boards etc. etc. etc. Often it is brought up with an air of superiority over "Casual" gamers. Also, it is retarded.

Do these people who say "I'm a Core Gamer" even know what the fuck they are talking about?

The "Core Gamer" is a demographic. The "Core Gamer" demographic is (increasingly less) young adult males. That's it. Core games are games designed and marketed to appeal to (increasingly less) young adult males. That's it. That is all that "Core Gamer" is. The average video-game player.

Which is to say, there's nothing wrong with liking what you like. But calling yourself a "Core Gamer is not calling yourself a "Hardcore Gamer". You are calling yourself a tool of some publishers marketing department. You are admitting to making the average purchase decisions(according to the ESA's latest statistics) of a 37 year old male.

Now, I imagine the majority of people out there reading this blog are not 37 year old men. I'm also sure there's plenty 37 year old male gamers out there who are more down with experimental, niche or casual titles then Battlefield 3. That's exactly my point:

Do not worry if a title or game system is "appealing to Core Gamers." Worry about whether a title or game system is appealing to you as a you gamer. In fact don't even worry about it, just enjoy and look forward to the gaming stuff that interests and appeals to you and try not to thumb your nose at the people enjoying and looking forward to something different.

Or, in the great words of some dumb gamer T-Shirt:

(37 year old male images from a Google image search)
(T-Shirt Graphic from Shirtoid.com)
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